Learn SuperNova: Custom Colour Schemes

A guide to customising your own tailor-made colour scheme. For SuperNova Magnifier, Magnifier & Speech, and Magnifier & Screen Reader.


Sarah: SuperNova allows you to create custom colour schemes and tailor them to your specific eye condition.

To create your custom colour scheme, simply open the control panel, click the colour scheme drop down button from the button bar, click custom and then click configure.

The custom colour scheme options allow you to easily adjust the screen contrast and screen brightness.

You can invert the brightness by clicking tick box at the top of the dialogue window. The screen colour is determined by selecting one of five colour modes and adjusting the relevant options.

‘Classic’ allows you to determine how strong the colour on the screen is by adjusting the colour slider. You can adjust the dominant colour with the colour adjust slider.

‘Tint’ creates a colour wash over your screen. You can select a colour from the tint drop down menu and adjust the strength of the tint by adjusting the level slider.

‘Dual Tint’ allows you to apply a colour wash over the lighter colours and a separate colour wash over the darker colours.

To change the colour wash for the darker colours, simply select a colour from the foreground colours drop down menu. For the colour wash on the lighter colours, select a colour from the background colours drop down menu. You can adjust the strength of this combined colour wash by adjusting the slider.

’Treble Tint’ works in the same way as ‘Dual Tint’ but it allows you to apply a third colour wash to the middle range colours.

’Colour Replacement’ allows you to change a colour that you find difficult to see, to another colour. 

Simply select the colour you want to replace in the ‘From’ menu and then select the replacement colour in the ‘To’ menu. If you want to start your custom colour scheme from scratch, simply select the ‘Restore Defaults’ button.

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