Learn SuperNova: 'Read from Here' Hotkeys

SuperNova 19 includes an updated ‘Read from Here’ feature designed to help users more efficiently review lengthy webpages and long documents. Press NUM PAD + and listen as SuperNova reads continuously from your cursor position. Increase or decrease your voice’s speed, live, as SuperNova reads. Don’t need to hear a section? Skip ahead. Need to hear it again? Skip back. Effortlessly navigate through long texts to efficiently review it them - there’s no need to stop ‘Read from Here’ in its tracks. Start Read from Here: NUM PAD PLUS Increase / decrease reading speed: LEFT CTRL + LEFT SHIFT + = / - Fast forward / Rewind to the next / previous line: Down / Up Arrow Skip to the next/previous sentence: S / SHIFT + S Skip to the next/previous paragraph: P / SHIFT + P