Learn SuperNova: Text Style Announcements

A short tutorial showing you how to change the Text Style Announcement settings in SuperNova and Dolphin ScreenReader.


Sarah: When reading or writing documents, you can check whether words or letters have different textiles applied to them such as bold, italic or underlined.

To check textiles, position the cursor in front of the word or letter and press num pad four, three times.

SuperNova: Font Arial, Build 12 point, colour black.

Sarah: If you would like SuperNova to automatically announce textile information as you read through a document, simply open the control panel and select the speech menu and select text style announcements. 

Then select either the edit areas, prompt areas, menus, read from here or dolphin cursor tabs and then select what items you would like to be announced from the announce group.

SuperNova: Announce. Underline change. Normal. It is our vision to deliver independence to people with underlined vision and print impairments normal all over the world.

SuperNova: Dolphin SuperNova, for every visual impairment.

SuperNova: www.yourdolphin.com