SuperNova Kiosks: Making Self-Service Accessible [OLD]

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Globally, there are over two hundred and eighty five million people with sight loss. Individuals who need to shop, travel, access healthcare and access the same services as sighted people. So as more businesses introduce self-service kiosks, to serve their customers, how can you ensure your kiosk is accessible; without expensive re-fits?



For over 30 years’, Dolphin has been providing that accessibility, and now with our SuperNova Kiosks service, you can welcome blind and partially sighted users to your business too.



SuperNova Kiosks combines world-leading assistive technology, and Dolphin’s expertise, allowing your self-service station, to be completely accessible for customers with visual impairments, and help them maintain independence, and privacy.



For people with sight loss, SuperNova Kiosks offers a world-leading combination of magnification and speech. Our touchscreen magnification is intuitive and stays sharp for all levels of sight, while our high-contrast colour schemes make the screen more comfortable to view.



Press and hold the screen to read text out aloud, "and help customers find the information they need."



For customers who are blind, SuperNova Kiosks also supports tactile keypads. Simply plug in a headset, to explore the kiosk with a complete screen reader. 


With your brand in mind, Dolphin can customise SuperNova to fit your kiosk software.

We provide expert developer tools, so you can choose the right combination of accessibility features, ensuring your customers always get the experience they expect from your brand, in a kiosk that meets their needs. 



Build a positive, inclusive and accessible experience for your kiosk today, by contact the Dolphin team, at