SuperNova USB with Guest Mode - zero install & instant magnification

Use SuperNova on a USB, with instant access to magnification, speech and braille on any PC - no drivers, no installation and no activation required. Find out more at Guest Mode offers access to 90% of SuperNova features. Need more? Install choose Full Access. A step by step video that explains the new SuperNova USB in more detail. Twitter: Facebook:


Narrator: The new Dolphin Pen is the exciting new way to get instant magnification on the go.  Plug your Dolphin Pen into any Windows PC and experience instant access to your favourite SuperNova features, as well as your personal SuperNova settings.  The new Dolphin Pen now includes a ‘Guest mode’ and allows you to use SuperNova in environments where you want quick access or you don't have permission to install files.  

Unlike other Pen solutions, SuperNova’s Guest Mode requires no drivers, no installation and no activation, making it ideal when visiting the clients, friends or even the local library.   Guest Mode gives you access to 90% of SuperNova features, including all your favourite magnification, speech and braille functions.  If you’re a regular visitor to a PC and you’re able to install a small driver, Full Access Mode gives you portable access to all of SuperNova’s features.

So let’s try out SuperNova on a Dolphin Pen in both Guest Mode and Full Access.  Imagine the scenario; you’re visiting family, you want to use their laptop but need your magnification and speech settings to make things accessible. Cue your Dolphin Pen!

The first time you use your Dolphin Pen on a new computer, you will need to launch SuperNova yourself. If you’re confident with the keyboard, you can do this without any accessibility, but some people may prefer to use Windows Magnifier or Windows Narrator. 

Push your Dolphin Pen into the USB port, now press the Windows key + E to open Windows Explorer. Press Shift + Tab to put the focus into the tree view, type “d, o, l,” to instantly jump to the Dolphin Pen, and press Enter. Tab once to browse the Pen drive, type “go” to find the Go.exe file – notice it looks like a traffic light. Press Enter to run the file, and you’ll then hear the SuperNova jingle.

After a short while, SuperNova’s Guest Mode dialogue will appear. This is where you can choose to run in Guest Mode for instant magnification, or you can install some components and have Full Access to the SuperNova feature set.

So we’ll select Guest mode and you’re off.

As you can see, Guest Mode is no compromise.  You have access to 90% of SuperNova’s features including True Font magnification, the colour changer, speech output with all your favourite voices, Braille display support and connect & view. 

Before you remove your Dolphin Pen, always close down SuperNova and wait for the Dolphin jingle.  It is then safe to remove your Dolphin Pen from the USB port.

The second time you use your Dolphin Pen on the same computer, SuperNova will run automatically from the Dolphin Pen. Simply plug your Dolphin Pen into the USB port, you’ll hear the SuperNova jingle and SuperNova will automatically start.  You are immediately presented with the Guest Mode dialogue.  Hit enter to continue running in Guest Mode and you’re off. 

If you’re a regular visitor to a PC, or you need SuperNova’s touchscreen magnification support, scan & read features or custom mouse pointers, use your Dolphin Pen in Full Access Mode for full access to all of SuperNova’s features.  When presented with the Guest Mode dialogue, choose the second option to “install components”.

A Windows' User Account Control dialog appears requesting Administrator permissions. Select "Yes" then the additional components will be installed. SuperNova will restart and run with Full Access to all SuperNova features.

For more information on how to use SuperNova Guest mode, visit us online, at