Accessibility at Work, with SuperNova

Mark Able talks about how, after losing his sight, he was able to regain employment with SuperNova. Find out more at Twitter: Facebook:



As soon as I started looking at it and using it I thought I can do anything.

*Title appears: “Accessibility at work with SuperNova”.


My name is Mark Abel.

I work as an administration assistant in a large healthcare provider. So, data spreadsheets, taking and receiving calls, general administration duties.

I have Bilateral Optic Neuropathy. It happened quite suddenly from having good vision to having no vision, to now just having a little bit of vision.

Knowing that I couldn’t go back to the job that I did before, I had to have some sort of retraining.

Following some training sessions with Blind Veterans UK on Dolphin SuperNova and ringing up the help and support desk at Dolphin, I became quite IT savvy shall I say.

I use SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader. It gives me the ability to use a computer system like any other normal person can really. Whether it be having the speech read back emails to me, or read stuff off an internet page. It gives me the magnification facility to zoom into pictures and diagrams that I want to look at.

I use the speech facility a lot, usually for reading large documents. There’s also a neat function on there that highlights the text that you’re reading at the time, so if you’re interrupted you can pause where it’s reading, and it leaves that word highlighted in order for you to come straight back to the position you were in before you left it.

I’m not deskbound to where I am. I do have SuperNova USB which allows me to access any computer, in order to access the internet.

I have found that the support desk at Dolphin are very helpful. They’re at the end of a telephone. They ring you back with the answer and they help you solve any issues that you’ve got.

I first got SuperNova in 2011, so that will be 9 years this year.  I’ve just completed another NVQ Level 3 in Business and Administration.

I think if SuperNova was taken away from me today, I couldn’t go and work. Because I haven’t seen anything else out there that can do what it does for me now.

*Title appears: “Dolphin SuperNova.”


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