Why Choose SuperNova - With Norfolk Council

Meet John Rous-Milligan, Team Leader for the Norfolk virtual school century support, and find out how SuperNova helps blind and visual impaired students for the whole of the Norfolk County. Find out more by visiting us online, at http://yourdolphin.com/supernova


(Titles: Why Choose SuperNova)

John: Hello I’m John Rous-Milligan. I work for Norfolk Virtual School Sensory Support. As team leader, I manage a team of teachers for the visually impaired. We’ve trained about a hundred and fifty teaching assistances working in mainstream and colleges, supporting visually impaired students across the county.

We’ve sued SuperNova long before I started. Certainly the ten years I’ve been working here. It works best with the students. The feedback we get from students, families and the teachers that work with them is that they like it. That it works and its robust.

We’ve got lots of examples across the county, we got about fifty students using Supernova at the moment, but the one that springs to mind now is a congenitally blind primary school student we’re working with, who uses a braille display driven by SuperNova, and he sits alongside his peers, getting access to all the material that they do, under his fingers, at the same time as them.

The Licenses we use are the home school agreement that Dolphin have been very supportive of, with us over the last few years, so a lot of the students, should they choose, will have exactly the same system at home, as they have at school. So the students have that consistency of approach, and I think the benefits of that are obvious.

The support we get from Dolphin, and the Support Team that’s there and I think that’s important, that it’s a team, not just an individual, is excellent. They’re on the end of the phone, on the end of an email, but also your website is very informative. We can get advice on magnification, on speech, and on driving braille displays, so if you have an problems, its fixed very quickly

(Titles: Find out more by visiting us online at: yourdolphin.com/supernova)