Meet SuperNova Magnifier - Screen Magnifier for Windows

HD screen magnifier with crystal clear True Fonts for smooth text at any size. Visual highlighting ensures you never lose your place, and multiple monitor support means you can multitask with ease. Try SuperNova Magnifier free, for 30 days from


Narrator: SuperNova Magnifier enlarges and enhances everything on screen so partially sighted people can use the same apps and web pages as everyone else.

Sue: I use SuperNova on everything on the screen.

Narrator: Crystal clear magnification makes documents easy to read on you’re: tablet, laptop or desktop computer. 

You can easily move magnification around the screen, using your mouse or touch screen. When typing on screen, we’ll still magnify what you’ve written.

Split screen, Window and Lens views keep perspective by also showing the original layout useful if you have a restricted visual field.

SuperNova Magnifier highlights your cursor and mouse pointer so you can find your place at a glance.

Sue: You can actually have the cursor as a big arrow, and that’s useful as well.

Narrator:  Colour schemes enhance contrast and reduce glare, and are applied to some or all apps to make reading comfortable.

Multitasking, giving presentations and collaboration with sighted colleagues are practical for partially sighted people, when using magnification on multiple monitors.

Sue: When I was doing the institute of leadership and management, I won the prize for the most creative, innovative and colourful PowerPoint presentation. 

Narrator: The Doc Reader reflows text with your choice of font, colour and line length, reducing clutter and making reading easy.

Try SuperNova Magnifier free for 30 days from 

Sue: There are no restrictions now, to a visual impairment.