Meet Supernova Magnifier & Speech

HD Magnification, visual highlighting and natural voices for reading documents, SuperNova Magnifier and Speech is perfect for people with low vision, who require optional speech to read longer documents. Try SuperNova Magnfier and Speech free, for 30 days from


Narrator: SuperNova Reader Magnifier enlarges, enhances and speaks text, so partially sighted people can stay productive, even when sight changes.

Richard: I remember the first time SuperNova was demonstrated to me; I couldn’t believe it, I can read again. 

Narrator: Messages and photos are easy to see with crystal clear magnification. The mouse pointer and cursor are highlighted, so they are easy to find. Reading is made more comfortable with your choice of colours, and improve productivity, with SuperNova on multiple monitors. 

Richard: I tend to read at about two hundred and twenty words per-minute, which is faster than I used to read, when I was sighted.

Narrator: High quality voices speak documents and web pages on speakers or headphones giving your eyes a rest. 

SuperNova: One plot summary link. One point one the Fellowship of the Ring link.

Narrator: Choose your mouse, keyboard or touch screen to browse favourite web sites, PDF brochures or Windows Help.

SuperNova Reader Magnifier speaks characters and words as you type, so you can keep eyes focused on screen and avoid straining to see the keyboard.

Richard: I’m much quicker now that I can touch type. 

Narrator: Dedicated keystrokes announce individual characters, words, lines and even entire documents, so you can control exactly what gets spoken. And the Dolphin Item Finder lists links and headings to help make sense of even the busiest web sites.

Richard: I get the cursor into the spot, where I can just about see the ingredients, and then I might use either speech or just the magnification. 

Narrator: Try SuperNova Reader Magnifier free for 30 days from

Richard: I can write, I can read, it just works.