Meet SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader

Try SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader free, for 30 days from HD screen magnifier, natural sounding speech and full screen reader with robust refreshable Braille synchronised or used separately. Launch SuperNova and people who are blind or partially sighted can create beautifully formatted documents, connect with colleagues and friends via social networks, or plan that next trip.


Narrator: SuperNova Access Suite makes sure that the widest range of blind and partially sighted people can work and learn no matter how much sight changes. 

Ben: When I lost the sight I had in 2005, I could carry on using the computer.

Narrator: Partially Sighted professionals easily see what’s on screen with: HD Magnification: mouse and cursor tracking, colour replacement and visual highlighting.

Magnify with Multiple Monitors to transform: multitasking, giving presentations, or collaboration with sighted colleagues.

Web pages can be explored from the keyboard using the Dolphin Cursor, Item Finder and Quick Navigation keys, ideal for anyone who struggles to use a mouse.

Richard: I get the cursor into the spot where I can just about see the ingredients, and then I might use either speech or just the magnification.

Narrator: Blind students prepare great looking assignments using Supernova’s integrated screen reader that speaks and Brailles rich information about text style and formatting information.

SuperNova: Bulleted, colour very dark green. Projecting onto table, comma.

Narrator: Braille support enables professionals to discretely review notes with fingers while listening closely to clients and colleagues. 

SuperNova Access Suite is compatible with industry standard packages, like Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Internet Explorer, that are magnified spoken and brailled separately or together. 

Ben: I’m using the same software that everyone else is using.

Sue: Excel, Powerpoint.

Richard: I can write, I can read, it just works.

Narrator: If your organisation uses software developed in house, dolphin can offer a free expert scripting assessment to enhance the accessibility and usability of bespoke business applications.

Integrating SuperNova with an existing IT infrastructure is simple. You can install SuperNova locally on a standalone workstation or to a shared location on a network. SuperNova also supports Citrix and Terminal Server environments.

Ben: I can come along as a Screen Reader user, yet at the same time, someone who’s partially sighted, they can use the magnification part. 

Narrator: SuperNova Access Suite works on laptops or can be carried between networks with all settings on the USB Dolphin Pen.

Try SuperNova Access Suite free for 30 days from 

Sue: There are no restrictions now, to a visual impairment.