Meet ScreenReader - Screen Reader with Braille for Windows

Screen Reader enables people who are blind to access a computer through natural sounding speech or a refreshable Braille display. Try Screen Reader free, for 30 days from


Narrator: SuperNova Screen Reader intelligently speaks and Brailles apps and websites, so blind people succeed at school and work.

Ben: I was able to read what was on the screen, as opposed to struggling to use the mouse. 

Narrator: High quality voices speak messages, search results and even entire novels, so you can access the same information as sighted peers. 

SuperNova: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Narrator: Screen Reader verbosity describes controls so you can create documents, schedule appointments and stay in touch with friends.

Ben: I’m using the same software that everyone else is using.

Narrator: Sighted teachers and colleagues can follow along visually with SuperNova’s focus highlighting that draws attention to your place on screen.

Narrator:  SuperNova Screen Reader announces: spelling errors, style and formatting information, increasing confidence while creating fabulous looking documents. 

SuperNova: Bulleted, colour very dark green. Projecting onto table comma. 

Narrator: Comprehensive literary Braille support is brilliant for proofing and editing, appreciating layout and remaining productive in situations where speech is less appropriate. Braille teachers can follow students’ progress with Braille on screen.

The “Dolphin Cursor” browses web pages and explores the screen from the keyboard. Quick navigation keys speed up access to shopping, banking and social networking. The Item Finder lists controls, landmarks and tables to help make sense of busy pages.

Ben: I think also it’s helped me to become more independent, because I can do the things like ebay selling. 

Narrator: SuperNova also scans and reads text from printed documents and PDFs so a blind person can independently sort their post or an overflowing in-tray.

Stay informed and entertained with easy access to books and the latest news that are spoken and brailed instantly.

Ben: I read lecture slides with it, I do my course work with it.

Narrator: Try SuperNova Screen Reader free for 30 days from 

Ben: It’s just unimaginable what it would be like without it.