Magnify Whiteboards with SuperNova Connect & View

Magnify and explore interactive whiteboards from student laptops. Complete with color schemes, screen snapshots, and password protection. Find out more at


Empower low vision students with SuperNova’s ‘Connect and View,’ by magnifying interactive whiteboards onto personal laptops, or tablets; all without the hassle of cables and cameras.

Providing independent access to all classroom resources, students can now magnify and explore the board, at a pace that suits them. Improve contrast by applying colour schemes to fit information or sight. Take snapshots for further exploration at a later date. View the teacher’s board and the student apps, both magnified and side by side.

Staff and teachers can be confident, thanks to a simple set-up, and compatibility with all interactive whiteboards. Connect and View also includes password protection. In addition, plug in a document camera or video magnifier, and students can view handouts, maps and other paper documents.

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