Low Cost Video Magnifier! With SuperNova Connect & View

With Connect and View, you can plug in any USB video camera and turn your tablet, laptop or desktop into a lightweight, portable and simple to use video magnifier. Find out more by visiting us online at: http://yourdolphin.com/supernova Magnify newspapers, magazines, bills, labels and even objects onto your computer screen. Turn on Connect & View and the viewer displays whatever is under the camera lens. Connect & View comes with a handy toolbar giving users instant access to the most popular features by mouse or touch: - Increase and decrease the magnification - Rotate the image in the viewer - change contrast with several colour schemes - Lock your camera’s auto focus - Capture the image for further exploration Adjust the viewing area to top, bottom, left or right side of the screen; and change the viewing area size to fill 80%, 50% or 20% of your screen, or even sent to a second monitor. No need to move your worksheet around under the camera, or use an X-Y table – use the mouse or touch to explore your document easily.