Learn SuperNova: Control Panel

An introduction to SuperNova's control panel. For SuperNova Magnifier, Magnifier & Speech, Magnifier & Screen Reader., and Screen Reader. Magnifier, Screen Reader and Braille settings can be changed easily from the SuperNova Control Panel. The available settings will depend on which SuperNova edition of you have. For example, Supernova Magnifier does not contain Braille settings. Any settings changes you make in the Control Panel will be applied instantly and automatically saved and used the next time you run SuperNova. You can call the SuperNova Control Panel from any Windows application by holding LEFT CONTROL and pressing SPACE or click SuperNova in the Task Bar. Use CONTROL+TAB to move between pages, TAB to move between controls and ALT to focus the Menu Bar. The button bar contains the most common settings and the pull down menus provide access to all SuperNova settings. You can change the Control Panel appearance and On Top behaviour Hide the Control panel and return to your application by pressing ESCAPE.