SuperNova USB - Instant Magnification on any PC (Audio described)

New SuperNova 17 on USB now includes Guest Mode - delivering instant magnification, speech and braille - install free! Unlike other magnifiers on a pen drive, no drivers, no installation and no activation is required! Find out more at


Narrator: In a cafe, a handpicks up the dolphin pen.

The pen is plugged into a laptop, and SuperNova’s Guest Mode enlarges a google search bar.

A visually impaired women types in the words “train times from Birmingham to London” before pressing the enter key, and bring up the results.

Kara, then takes out the Dolphin Pen, and plugs it into a desktop computer at Work.

Kara browses through the results, and then decreases the magnification.

She takes out the Dolphin Pen, and plugs it into a home laptop.

A PowerPoint presentation magnifies on screen, and Kara browses through with the touchpad.

Kara takes out the pen, and leaves on a train.

She plugs the Dolphin pen to a large sever, and adds a colour scheme to her notes.

Kara then gives a confident presentation to an audience in a meeting room, before bringing up the next slide.

Narrator 2: SuperNova, on a Dolphin Pen. Instant magnification, for any PC, in your pocket.

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