Läs och ladda ner böcker från SuperNova - 2 Video(s)

Ladda ned dina favoritböcker från Legimus och Inläsningstjänst AB med SuperNova. Du hittar mer information på yourdolphin.com/supernova

  1. Ladda ner böcker från Legimus, med SuperNova
  2. Lasa böcker från Legimus, med SuperNova

Employment - Blind & Low Vision People using SuperNova at Work - 7 Video(s)

Meet SuperNova customers who use SuperNova's speech, magnification and Braille at work. Whatever combination of magnification speech or Braille access you need to be productive, SuperNova makes sure you can do the job, even if your sight fluctuates during the working day or varies throughout your career. SuperNova is preferred by employers seeking to maximise potential of all staff with sight loss. Network deployment, professional support and maintenance are simplified for organisations because in a single product SuperNova makes machines accessible for the widest range of people who are partially sighted or blind.

  1. Accessibility at Work, with SuperNova
  2. Low Cost Video Magnifier! With SuperNova Connect & View
  3. SuperNova USB with Guest Mode - zero install & instant magnification
  4. Blind Veterans UK & SuperNova - Our Story
  5. My SuperNova Review! - Submitted by Brian Fountain
  6. "Automatic Language Switching" with SuperNova Speech, and Magnifier & ScreenReader
  7. Magnify with Multiple Monitors

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