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When so many are doing so much, our contribution to the global effort feels small. But we know that many of our blind & partially sighted customers are relying on their Dolphin products more than ever. Our product support team are working tirelessly to ensure our clients can successfully use their Dolphin assistive technology to keep in touch with family, order goods online, keep informed and so much more. We're not saving lives, but we hope we are making a small difference to many of our vulnerable customers that are self-isolating or shielding during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This week we were delighted when we were contacted by the Russell Hall hospital. Their partially sighted employee needed SuperNova Magnifier & Speech to continue their critical role in the NHS, working behind the scenes to keep the front line staff equipped and supported. Our team felt genuinely heartened to donate SuperNova to a fellow visually impaired person, who is contributing to the amazing and live saving work of the NHS.

It still feels like the smallest of gifts, but from all the Dolphin staff - thank you to ALL the heroes at the NHS


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