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Free App Update - EasyReader 2.8 for iOS and Android

The world’s largest collection of accessible book and newspaper services just got even larger!  The release of the EasyReader 2.8 apps for iOS and Android now introduces support to browse and download from the Blind Low Vision NZ accessible library. Extending EasyReader’s reach to more than 30 international libraries, this latest update will be of particular interest to blind and low vision readers in New Zealand.

Also new or updated in EasyReader 2.8 for iOS and Android:

  • Login improvements for RNIB Reading Services
  • Fix: App start issues (iOS)
  • Fix: Memory leak in device TTS playback caused the app to crash (iOS)
  • Fix: A range of VoiceOver fixes and improvements (iOS)
  • Fix: Import fixes from 3rd party apps (Android)

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