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Submerge yourself in 100,000s of books you can read

Android and iOS reading apps for people who are blind, partially sighted or have dyslexia. 

We believe that no one should be prevented from reading, no matter what their print impairment.

With EasyReader you can say goodbye to frustrating small print and inaccessible reading apps; our app has been designed for readers with dyslexia, low vision and blindness so the accessibility is built in and it's unrestricted. Browse your favourite accessible book and newspaper libraries. Make the print as big as you need. Add audio to text only titles.

Thousands of EasyReader users across the world can't be wrong. Download the free EasyReader app for Android or iOS today and submerge yourself in 100,000s of books you can read.


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  • Browse and download books direct from the world’s largest collection of accessible book and newspaper services
  • Perfectly synchronised text and audio lets you read with your eyes and ears
  • Add a human sounding voice to text only titles
  • Colours, text size and highlights to suit your visual needs
  • Copy text from anywhere on your phone and hear it read
  • Fully compatible with VoiceOver and TalkBack


The largest collection of accessible book and newspaper services Picture

The largest collection of accessible book and newspaper services

  • Millions of books you can read
  • Login to your library service and enjoy direct and effortless access
  • Just one app to access all your favourite libraries
  • Your favourite local or national newspaper delivered direct, daily


Webinar: Learning at Home

Register today! Picture

Register today!

Parent or carer to a young person with SEN? Learning from home starting to feel like a nightmare?

If you’re supporting a child with autism (ASD), dyslexia, ADHD, partial sight, blindness or other disabilities - we have some good news! Find out more about a free online textbook service in our short webinar!

We’ll show you how your disabled learner can browse and download all their textbooks from a single online library via a free app.  Use the app to change the books' fonts, sizes, colours. Even better get the app to read the book aloud. This webinar will show how you can do exactly all that - and it's all FREE to disabled learners in education!


5 stars

"Finally an app that has the benefits of a music player, but is designed for audio books!!"
Christian Olsson Silvervidh, iOS user

5 stars

"This is definitely the best reading app I’ve come across! Quick, bug-free, easy to use and so practical to have access to several libraries from within the same application! As a VoiceOver user, I am particularly fond of the rotor features allowing me to navigate through an audio book without even having to turn on the speech. Such an ingenious way to facilitate listening and make it more enjoyable! I can warmly recommend this app to all blind book lovers out there. Whether you prefer to listen or to read using a braille display, you’ll find that this app works great!"

by Pianistförfattaren, iOS user


5 stars

"I can't fault it, which is rare. Easily one of the best free apps for VI folks. Extracting text from anywhere & reading it with ease. This app has made a real difference already."
Marc Gulwell, Android user


Accolade for EasyReader

The World’s most accessible reading app Picture

The World’s most accessible reading app

When EPUBTest.org put EasyReader through their stringent 55 point assessment, the results validated the feedback from our blind, low vision and dyslexic users. EasyReader is the best in class for accessibility for both operating system and for reading disability.

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A better way to access your favourite book library

Enjoy direct access to browse, download and read from your local accessible book and newspaper libraries. Select a library to find out more, or browse the complete list:

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