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GuideConnect 1.13 was released today for GuideConnect users running the UK English, US English, Australian English and Russian editions. Other language editions will follow. Included in this exciting release are new features, requested improvements and a host of fixes. Read on to find out more:

Web Pages

  • GuideConnect now highlights and reads aloud larger sections of information, reducing the need to continually press the DOWN ARROW.
  • New cursor highlight more visibly indicates the cursor’s location on edit areas such as Google search.
  • GuideConnect users that prefer to browse the web with the mouse can now turn the speech off using the hotkey CONTROL + F4. With this option, the text is still announced when adding details into forms on webpages.
  • New setting allows you to view ‘busy’ webpages in your preferred GuideConnect colours, or with a simplified view that strips back all the formatting.   


  • Block emails from specific senders by adding a sender to the ‘Blocked email addresses’ list.
  • GuideConnect now displays the file size of your attachments, so you don’t accidentally add very large attachments to emails.
  • When creating a new email it is now possible to choose multiple recipients.


  • When using the UP and DOWN arrows to read through a document, GuideConnect now announces punctuation. (Using F5 to perform a continuous read still reads with no punctuation.)
  • Print documents at font size 72pt.
  • Import multiple files into GuideConnect’s Documents. Ideal for transferring documents from a USB drive.


  • GuideConnect users in the UK can now browse, download and read titles from RNIB’s new ‘Reading Services’ that replaces the OverDrive service.

File Manager

  • New ‘Deleted items’ folder has been added to GuideConnect’s File Manager. Deleted items are temporarily stored for 30 days, before being completely removed from the computer. The duration of files storage in the deleted items folder can also be adjusted in settings.

Tools and Settings

  • Design your own mouse pointer in colours that suit your sight. Three additional mouse pointer customisation settings have been added to set the fill colour, line colour and line width of your mouse pointer.
  • Set the announcement level to “low” and GuideConnect no longer announces how many items are on a menu or in a list. E.g. In email the voice will no longer say “email, 1 of 10”, instead just announcing “email”.

If you have a technical interest, we have also released a list of bug fixes included in GuideConnect 1.13.



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