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Dolphin are delighted to be partnering with Iansyst to provide a free webinar and new resource hub for Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) Needs Assessors in the UK.

Free webinar - Visual impairment accessibility solutions for students

Join Dolphin’s Dave Salisbury and Iansyst’s Janine King on a free webinar: Visual Impairment Accessibility Solutions for Students.

Exclusively available for DSA Needs Assessors in the UK, the webinar provides:

  • An introduction to Dolphin SuperNova, including:
    • A breakdown of the three editions of SuperNova
    • What’s new in SuperNova 19, including new bold fonts for even clearer text
    • How students can magnify and read printed text and the lecturer’s whiteboard with SuperNova’s Connect & View
    • How students can benefit from instant magnification and speech on any PC with SuperNova USB
  • Information about a new UK-wide Visual Impairment assessment service offered by four ATSPs: Iansyst, Wyvern, Remtek and Invate

DSA Assessor Resource Hub

Dolphin have also launched a new resource hub for DSA Needs Assessors at This resource hub offers:

  • A free DSA Needs Assessor guide to SuperNova 19
  • A free assessor checklist for visual impairment assessments
  • Exclusive Upgrade offers for DSA funded students

Visit DSA Assessor Resource Hub

Image of DSA Assessor Guide to SuperNova 19



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