SuperNova Connect and Learn. The classroom-ready study package for students with low vision!


Windows Laptop, Tablet, Magnifier & Portable Video Magnifier – All in One

Connect & Learn has been designed for low vision students who need a portable video magnifier and a lightweight windows laptop. Unlike other popular sight loss solutions, there is no compromise. Connect & Learn is all these devices in one solution and delivers:

  One Device – a world of learning

Magnify class handouts in real time in lessons. Zoom in for the detail and optimise the colours for best contrast. Use one finger tap to save a picture to add to your document or to aid revision later in the day. Eyes getting tired and struggling to read? No problem! SuperNova scans for text and reads it aloud with just one tap. You can send the text to Word and research online with magnification and speech. Complete your assignment and email it to the teacher. There is no compromise with Connect & Learn.

Read our 3 reasons why QTVIs choose Connect & Learn.

  Designed for low vision students

Connect & Learn has been specifically designed for students with sight loss:

  • 6 colour schemes to choose from
  • Crystal clear magnification up to 64 times
  • Intuitive touch screen magnification with ‘pinch to zoom’
  • Scan and Read OCR included
  • A choice of human sounding voices

Read our 3 Reasons why students love Connect & Learn.

4 Devices in 1

1. Digital Video Magnifier

Magnify class handouts. ‘Scan & read’ paper documents.

  • Live HD magnification up to 64x
  • 6 colour contrast options
  • Rotate the view
  • One button image capture
  • Scans and reads text aloud
  • Touchscreen buttons or large print Bluetooth keyboard

2. Windows 10 Laptop

Full productivity for the classroom and home.

  • Screen magnifier up to 64x
  • Compatible with : Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook
  • Browse the web with IE, Chrome or Firefox
  • Scan and read ‘tricky’ PDFs
  • Connect & View the teachers’ whiteboard – no camera required
  • Foldaway, detachable keyboard
  • Add a mouse, scanner, printer, in fact anything that works with USB


3. Tablet

Learning or leisure.

  • Large 12.3” touchscreen
  • Intuitive touch magnification up to 64x
  • Choose large print keyboard – onscreen or Bluetooth
  • Lightweight - from sofa, to backpack to desk
  • Windows store offers 600k+ apps and games to download

4. Accessible Book Reader

Browse and read 1000s of textbooks.

  • SuperNova's bookshelf feaure offers direct access to browse and read books and newspapers from:
    • RNIB Bookshare (education titles)
    • RNIB Newsagent (newspapers)
    • RNIB Overdrive (audio leisure reads)
  • Synchronised audio and large print
  • Free EasyReader app available for students’ iOS or Android phone

What does Connect & Learn include?

  • Microsoft Surface Pro (Core i5)
  • Surface Pro keyboard/cover
  • Wireless Large Print keyboard
  • Portable Tablet Stage    
  • Wireless optical mouse & USB Hub     
  • Laptop Backpack       
  • 3 years of Updates and Upgrades to SuperNova        

with SuperNova Magnifier £1636 + VAT

SuperNova Magnifier Logo

with SuperNova Magnifier & Speech £1756 + VAT

SuperNova Magnifier & Speech



Register for the Free Webinar:

"A Speedy Introduction to Connect & Learn - for busy people supporting low vision students"

Date: 2nd October 2019, 3pm (BST)

Duration: 30 minutes

Cost: FREE



3 Reasons why QTVIs choose Connect & Learn

1. Save money with 4 devices in 1

Connect & Learn includes all the features and power of a video magnifier, laptop, tablet and book reader in one flexible package. So you won’t need to buy a specialist video magnifier AND a Windows laptop – saving funds for other essentials or to support more VI students.

2. Fully accessible - designed for sight loss

Connect & Learn has been designed by people with sight loss, for students with low vision.  Magnification & speech (if you choose SuperNova Magnifier & Speech) is available at every step. Plus there’s weekday access to UK product support from our knowledgeable team.

3. Developing skills for higher education and employment

When your low vision learner moves on from school, their Windows 10 & Microsoft Office skills will equip them for higher education and future employment. Plus the Connect & Learn package offers connectivity to external monitors, keyboard, mouse, printer and other office peripherals. Choosing a device that is powered by Windows 10, is up skilling them for their future.


3 Reasons why students love Connect & Learn

1. Be just like everyone else - Surface Pro

Unlike some specialist low vision magnifiers, Connect & Learn features a mainstream Microsoft Surface Pro.  It is not specialist hardware designed for visual impairments, and it won’t make you stand out amongst your sighted peers. In fact, they might be jealous.

2. Portable and lightweight – 1 device instead of 4

Connect & Learn includes all the features and power of a video magnifier, laptop, tablet AND book reader in 1 flexible package. That’s less to carry between classes and while travelling to and from school.  Plus it all fits neatly in the sturdy backpack that’s included.

3. More than learning – play games, watch videos and have fun

Take your Connect & Learn home with you and (once you’ve completed your homework!) there’s a world of reading, web browsing, games and videos at your fingertips.