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A free update has been released for all SuperNova 19 users. SuperNova 19.03 is immediatley available for all editions of SuperNova and can be downloaded via SuperNova's internet updater. Read on to learn what's new in this latest release...

Improvements to Zoom and Microsoft Teams:

Whether you’ve been looking to connect with friends or work from home productively during the pandemic, the use of video calling services have become more important than ever. SuperNova 19.03 now offers a much improved experience for using SuperNova’s speech and magnification with Microsoft Teams and Zoom. These changes include:

  • Magnification improvements to track new messages in the chat field 
  • Improvements to SuperNova’s speech announcements during a call (such as when you mute the microphone and turning the camera on) 
  • Magnification and speech improvements to track and announce pop-up messages

Improvements for Chrome, Firefox and Edge

19.03 offers further enhancements for reading web pages in Chrome, Firefox and Edge. This includes fixes for a reported hang in YouTube, improvements to SuperNova's magnification tracking of list boxes and much more. 

Improvements in Microsoft Office

19.03 offers further improvements for using SuperNova with Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook. This includes:

  • Microsoft Word: the Styles pane is announced by SuperNova as expected
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: Image alt tags and notes for presentation slides are now announced correctly
  • Microsoft Excel: The focus is now tracked correctly when renaming a sheet

Other fixes and improvements:

SuperNova 19.03 includes a host of additional improvements, including support for new Braille displays, updates to SuperNova's Connect & View and Scan and Read facilities and much more.

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