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A new update to GuideConnect 1.14 is now available. Included in this exciting release are new features, tutorial videos and a host of fixes. Read on to find out more:

TV Presets

It’s now easier than ever to catch-up on your favourite TV shows with GuideConnect. The new ‘TV presets’ option (available in the Websites menu) provides a list of television services available in your country. In the UK, available services include BBC iPlayer, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Netflix and Amazon Prime video. Once you select a TV service, the website for the service will be opened in GuideConnect’s web browser allowing you to browse the available TV shows and play them on the web. Please note – you may need to create an account with each television service before you can watch catch-up TV. 

New languages

GuideConnect 1.14 is now available in 14 languages. New languages added in the 1.14 release are Canadian English, German and Finnish.

Tutorial Videos

Getting started with GuideConnect is now easier than ever - English speaking versions of GuideConnect now include a host of video tutorials, available to watch any time from the Training menu. Watch the tutorial videos to learn how to explore menus with the keyboard, add contacts to your address book, add a podcast to your favourites, rename a document, save a scanned document and much more. To open the video tutorials, from GuideConnect’s Main Menu, select ‘Tools’, then choose ‘Training’, then choose ‘Tutorial Videos’.

Email fixes

A number of important fixes for Email are included in GuideConnect 1.14. This includes fixes for deleting emails, moving emails to folders, forwarding emails to contacts and signing into BT Internet accounts in GuideConnect. Read the complete list of fixes to find out more.

Audio CD fixes

A fix has now been applied to prevent GuideConnect from closing when trying to play an audio CD. 



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