The Dolphin Publisher 4.0 release contains new features, fixes and improvements.

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Dolphin Publisher offers organisations and individuals a reliable, efficient production tool for text and audio-based publications.

Support for EPUB 3 media overlays was added previously, as far back as 2014, and this version 4.02 contains a series of improvements that meet the latest EPUB 3.2 standard from W3C, including EPUB Accessibility 1.0.

New in Dolphin Publisher 4.0

This update includes a host of new features and improvements. These help users meet accessibility guidelines and simplify the production of audio books. Dolphin Publisher is now easier to install and training manuals are available to guide users through.

EPUB3 export improvements

Build changes

  • V4 performs validation, clean-up and build export in one complete build process. Instead of running these independently in the Build process, it is now simplified, and you can now run the validation and clean-up from within the menus before doing a build

  • A checkbox for opening the output folder after a completed build is include

New installer

  • The installer available in previous version has now been replaced with a modern installer which also includes the latest EasyReader for Windows and TTS voices from Nuance

Training manual

  • V4 now includes a training manual that guides professionals through many of the features inside Dolphin Publisher

Fixes to Publisher to improve performance

  • Large HD drives
    Publisher 4 supports large TB drives, previous versions had a limitation of 2GB hard drives.

  • NCC Export
    When exporting chapters and re-opening a 'sub-project', Publisher will not go through the upgrade process for unknown projects.
  • Launch EasyReader
    An adjustment has been made so a draft publication can be sent to EasyReader for review.
  • Audio file import
    The buffer has been enlarged to increase the number of audio files that can be imported through the File Open dialog.
  • Import WAV
    The original file name is now used as the heading name when audio files are imported.

Changes made to Dolphin Publisher 4.0

Certain legacy features which were available in previous versions are no longer in use.
These have been removed in the latest version of Dolphin Publisher. Many of these were dependent on features inside Internet Explorer, which Microsoft no longer supports.
Please note that IE is still used to render HTML pages.

Features removed in Publisher 4

  • HTML Editor
    This feature was heavily dependent on Internet Explorer and caused a majority of the Dolphin Publisher support incidents.
    HTML documents now need to be prepared in advance or editing must be done outside Dolphin Publisher.

  • External HTML Editor
    This feature was heavily dependent on Internet Explorer and caused a majority of the Dolphin Publisher support incidents.
    HTML documents now need to be prepared in advance or editing must be done outside Dolphin Publisher.

  • Digital I/O
    This feature was a unique customisation for a specific customer and has now been removed.
  • Remote Control RE-11
    This device is connected to the computer via a COM port, which no longer exists on modern devices.  
  • Multi-Volume Support
    This feature targeted CD distribution only and has been removed.
  • PDTB v2
    The support for encrypting the content into PDTB v2 has been removed as it is no longer used.
  • EasyReader Express
    This has been removed as it was a feature that targeted CD distribution only.
  • Build to other character encoding
    This feature existed because some old DAISY hardware players were not compatible with UTF-8.
    This is not an issue with today’s devices.

Trade in your legacy production tools today

Until 30 April 2021, we are offering a trade-in of the production tools:

  • LpStudio Plus,
  •  LpStudio Pro
  • Sigtuna DAR
  • Dolphin Publisher has replaced these products as the maintained and supported production tool in the Dolphin product portfolio.

Use the Trade-In offer to get a production tool that is fully functional on Windows 10 computer systems.

If you use any of these devices, please contact Dolphin for a trade-in offer with discounts on a new Dolphin Publisher licence.

How to try or buy Dolphin Publisher 4.0


30-Day free trial

Download a free demo version of Dolphin Publisher.


If you hold a valid SMA for your existing Dolphin Publisher license, an upgrade from v3.53 to version 4.0 has already be sent to your registered email address. Please let us know if you missed this email and we can arrange your upgrade.

If you have a license without an up-to-date SMA, you can order an upgrade over the phone.   

Purchase a Publisher 4.0 licence

If you would like to order a new Dolphin Publisher licence, you can order on the Dolphin website or contact us for further details to place your order on the phone.

Trade-in offer and discounts

If you use LpStudio Plus, LpStudio Pro or Sigtuna DAR, please contact us to find out more about the trade-in offer discounts for a new Dolphin Publisher license.

Read more information about Dolphin Publisher


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