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Create professional, human narrated DAISY and EPUB3

Publisher is a professional solution for creating human narrated DAISY and EPUB 3 and is backed up by Dolphin's professional product support. 

For more than a decade, print impaired readers worldwide have been reading millions of digital talking books in circulation, each created with Publisher.

Chosen by hundreds of book producers across the globe, Publisher is used by the RNIB, Open University, Learning Ally, Oregon State University, Vision Australia, CNIB and more.

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  • Fully compliant with DAISY and EPUB 3 standards
  • Include human narration for the best listening experience
  • Or create synthetic speech for speed
  • Customise book visuals to suit readers’ needs


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A Proven Solution

  • Chosen by hundreds of book producers across the globe
  • Adopted by professional transcription services, talking book libraries and education
  • Thousands of readers with visual impairments, dyslexia and other print impairments already reading books made using Publisher
  • Compliant with the latest eBook standards, including DAISY and EPUB


Five Stars

"Directly edit the DAISY source files. No other software allows it and that why we are using Publisher for more than 10 years. Openness and flexibility is core of usability."

Mayu Hamada Makio, Assistive Technology Development Organization (ATDO)

Five Stars

“We find Publisher both efficient and easy to use. Because it is so simple to understand it makes it easy to train operators, and this is enabling us to update our archives very effectively. A lot of our records date back to the 1950’s, so we are very pleased that Publisher gives us the means to update all of these books for the 21st Century.”

Stefan Grimmeisen, Blista  

Five Stars

“Publisher is a unique audio recording tool. We use it not only to create full text DAISY Talking Books for VI students, but also as a simple 'self op' audio recording system for creating voiceovers, podcasts, newsletters etc.. Brilliant!”

Alan Marlow, Open University  


Case Study

Mystic Access Review and Choose Publisher

"One thing we particularly enjoy about Publisher is the versatility that it offers our customers once a book has been created in DAISY." 

"Our previous DAISY tool rendered books that couldn't be played via the popular Voice Dream Reader app, for instance, while books created via Publisher play beautifully."

"We have now created, and will continue to create, DAISY versions of all of our tutorials using Publisher."

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