A free update is now available for all SuperNova and Dolphin ScreenReader customers running version 22.


The update to SuperNova and ScreenReader 22.03 includes: 

  • A range of improvements for using SuperNova and Dolphin ScreenReader with Microsoft Word 365.
  • Essential fixes for browsing web pages using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and the SuperNova Item Finder. 
  • Additional features in the Magnifier and Speech edition of SuperNova, including Sound Splitting, Audio Ducking and a checkbox for announcing 'space' when typing.
  • Fixes for the Arabic and Hebrew language versions, including support for right-to-left text in the SuperNova Doc Reader and Microsoft Word spell checker.
  • Plus a host of further improvements.

The update to SuperNova 22.03 also includes support for the latest version of EasyReader App for Windows (10.05). Remember - all SuperNova and Dolphin ScreenReader customers with an active Software Maintenance Agreement are entitled to a free Personal subscription to EasyReader Premium. To activate your Premium subscription, simply open and sign in to EasyReader App for Windows through your SuperNova or ScreenReader control panel.

Read a complete list of what's new in SuperNova 22.03:

New in SuperNova 22.03    New in Dolphin ScreenReader 22.03


How to update to SuperNova 22.03

The update to SuperNova and ScreenReader 22.03 will be rolled out to all version 22 customers over the next few weeks.

Existing customers will receive a message when they start up SuperNova to notify them when their 22.03 update is available.

If you would like to buy or upgrade to SuperNova 22, please contact your local Dolphin office if you are in the UK or contact your Dolphin dealer if you are based outside the UK.

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