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Vision Australia

The Vision Australia Library opens up a world of information to people who are blind, low vision, or have a print disability. Membership of the library is free if you are not a Vision Australia client, to join the library, you will need a referrer who can certify you are a person with a print disability

The library contains thousands of titles across many genres including: 

  • Action, Mystery, Crime, War
  • Australia
  • Autobiographies & Biographies
  • Children’s books
  • Countryside, Animals, Sport, Humour
  • Families, Romance Fiction
  • Fantasy, Horror, SciFi, Supernatural
  • History, Distant Lands 
  • Literature, Arts, Alternative Perspectives
  • Mind & Body, Home & Work
  • Religious 
  • Personal, Social, Philosophical Perspectives

Plus magazines, podcasts and newspapers. Full details on the Vision Australia library website.


Read with Vision Australia using these Dolphin products:


for v1.17 and later


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for iOS/Android/Amazon

for Windows

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