Support for EPUB 3 with Media Overlays

Dolphin Publisher 3.50 keeps accessible book publishers ahead of the game, with the ability to create human narrated books in the latest accessible digital format; EPUB 3 with media overlays.

Used by publishers all around the world, EPUB 3 is set to become the de-facto accessible digital format. EPUB is short for electronic publication and is a free and open e-book standard by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). EPUB 3.0 is the current revision of the EPUB standard, which includes the ability to add media overlays for synchronized audio and text.

Dolphin Publisher 3.50 can now be used to publish EPUB 3 content with media overlays. Dolphin Publisher can create books using either a human sounding synthetic voice, or human narrated audio. The update to 3.50 does not support the creation of text-only EPUB content.

You can find more information about EPUB 3 and the EPUB 3 standard on the IDPF web site.

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