Get more done in Microsoft Office 2013 with SuperNova's extended magnification, speech and Braille access to Word, Outlook and Excel. View enlarged documents and images on the same screen as SuperNova with new video magnifier compatibility. Plus, broaden your horizons with additional accessible libraries coming to the Dolphin Bookshelf.

Microsoft Word 2013

  • Character Echo 40% more responsive in Microsoft 2013 on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.
  • NEW: Extended speech and Braille support for lists in Word documents. Indentation and nested level of both bulleted and numbered items are announced.
  • FIX: When opening a document, Screen Reader now always announces the line containing the cursor.
  • FIX: Braille correctly displays text when selecting up by line.
  • FIX: Table navigation announcements. Tabbing between cells now speaks as expected in tables without borders.
  • FIX: Spellchecker controls are now spoken as expected. While in the task pane you can use the read sentence and paragraph keys to hear the error in context. The Where Am I? key speaks the error and first suggestion.
  • FIX: Magnification improvements to TrueFont coverage when scrolling documents, viewing protected documents, enlarging text with particular attributes or enlarging the Office Ribbon.

Microsoft Outlook 2013

  • FIX: Reply, Forward and Meeting status flags now announced with speech and Braille when cursoring up and down in email folders.
  • FIX:Navigating HTML emails using the Dolphin Cursor now more reliable.
  • FIX: While composing messages SuperNova no longer speaks selected text unexpectedly.

Microsoft Excel 2013

  • FIX: Magnification improvements to TrueFont coverage when working with Spreadsheets.

Video Magnifier Compatibility

Compatibility with video magnifiers under both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 has been introduced in SuperNova 14.05. Use the same screen to view hardcopy documents and images at any distance while continuing to use SuperNova to magnify your electronic documents and apps.

The first video magnifiers to take advantage of this new functionality are the Transformer Portable Electronic Magnifier from Enhanced Vision and the ClearNote from Optelec.

Please contact your video magnifier supplier for information on compatibility updates.


  • NEW: Added NKL (FFVI Finland) as new content provider (newspapers).
  • NEW: Aangepast Lezen (Netherlands) now exists as both book and magazine provider
  • NEW: Added "NLS BARD" as new content provider to "Online books". Note, currently "points" to a test server until NLS are ready to go live.
  • FIX: Send to ePub books are now sent to the same folders as Daisy books.
  • FIX: Solved problem preventing login to newspapers and magazine after first logging into a book library, such as CNIB, Bookshare or NLS BARD
  • FIX: Category selection from RNIB NTNM now works as expected.


  • NEW: Full control of magnification levels for mouse users.  Use CAPS + MOUSE WHEEL UP to turn on and increase magnification, and CAPS + MOUSE WHEEL DOWN to decrease and turn off magnification.
  • NEW: SuperNova Magnifier & Reader Magnifier now available in Hebrew.
  • FIX: Speeded up SuperNova performance when cursoring around edit areas in Windows 7.
  • FIX: UTB files updated with glyph range 2840-28ff (Braille Font). OnTime #37101
  • FIX: Read Text under Mouse now speaks most screen text.
  • FIX: Acrobat Reader. F3 find now works properly when the search contains spaces.
  • FIX: Magnification now starts as expected on Windows 8 machines where ZoomText has been installed.


  • SuperNova 14 is made for Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. Legacy support for Windows XP is available in SuperNova 13.
  • Multiple monitors can be used on Windows 8.1 with a dual head video card. Multiple video cards are supported by SuperNova on Windows 7 only.
  • Line view is available on Windows 7 only.

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