Support for the new Microsoft ‘Edge’ web browser

ScreenReader 19.02 users can now also experience the same great magnification, speech and braille support for Microsoft’s newly updated Edge web browser. Download the new Edge browser from:  

ScreenReader users can now choose from 4 supported web browsers, including: Chrome, Firefox, Edge & Internet Explorer.

Adobe Reader 2020 Support

ScreenReader 19.02 now includes support for the 2020 edition of Adobe Reader.

Spotify Desktop App Support

New support for the Spotify Desktop app is now included in version 19.02. (Please note support for the Spotify app available via the Windows Store is not included.)

ScreenReader – Now Quicker to Start

ScreenReader 19.02 users will now notice that ScreenReader is now quicker to start.

Reaper Support

Updated support for the Reaper digital audio workstation app has kindly been developed by Lars Sonnebo and is now included for all ScreenReader 19 users.


The new 19.02 also sees the release of a Slovak localisation of ScreenReader .


FIX: A crash has been fixed that occurred when accessing the address bar in Firefox.

FIX: A crash has been fixed that occurred when adjusting the mouse pointer settings.

FIX: A hang in ScreenReader’s control panel has been fixed.

FIX: Item Finder now detects the presence of Text Boxes in Word documents.

FIX: An intermittent crash has been fixed when performing an OCR from a scanner.

FIX: A fix has been made for OCR users - that in some specific scenarios - using the close button on the OCR progress dialog, the OCR didn’t stop as expected.

FIX: Word documents that are in protected view now read as expected. When enabling the editing of the document, ScreenReader now functions and performs as expected.

FIX: ScreenReader’s Office Add-in now keeps synchronised with the version of ScreenReader.

FIX: Users of Outlook 365 or Outlook 2016 may notice performance improvements when using the Calendar.

FIX: The icons in SuperNova’s visual tab no longer appear black when SuperNova is set to 'Start with Control Panel Minimised'.  

ScreenReader’s End User Licence Agreement (EULA) has now been updated.


Other v19 releases:

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