Improvements to Zoom and Microsoft Teams:

Whether you’ve been looking to connect with friends or work from home productively during the pandemic, the use of video calling services have become more important than ever. ScreenReader 19.03 now offers a much improved experience for using Microsoft Teams and Zoom. These changes include:

  • Improvements to ScreenReader's speech announcements during a call (such as when you mute the microphone and turning the camera on) 
  • Speech improvements to track and announce pop-up messages

Improvements for Chrome, Firefox and Edge

19.03 offers further enhancements for reading web pages in Chrome, Firefox and Edge. This includes:

  • FIX: Reported hang on is now resolve
  • FIX: Intermittent issue where Read From Here was not working is now resolved
  • FIX: Quick Navigation key D now moves to the next element which is different to the current element on the web page as expected
  • Script updates in Microsoft Edge to correctly announce when a download has started and when the user has switched to a different tab

Improvements in Microsoft Office

19.03 offers further improvements for using ScreenReader with Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook. This includes:
•    Microsoft Word: the Styles pane is announced as expected
•    Microsoft PowerPoint: Image alt tags and notes for presentation slides are now announced correctly

Other fixes and improvements:

  • NEW: Devices - Updated HumanWare driver to include support for Chameleon and Mantis Braille displays.
  • NEW: Devices - Added driver for the Nattiq Note Braille display. 
  • NEW: Devices - Added initial support for sheet feeding scanners (e.g. HP Deskjet 3750).
  • FIX: Scan and Read - ScreenReader now provides the option of exporting to .docx format if you don't have Microsoft Word installed.
  • FIX: Scan and read - the file being scanned no longer remains locked if an error is encountered during the scanning process
  • FIX: Adobe Reader - Fixed a reported crash when loading a PDF into Adobe Reader DC
  • FIX: Bookshelf -  fix to prevent a connection error when trying to open ‘Online Books’ for the first time
  • FIX: Doc Reader - Updated handling of right-to-left text to improve experience with Hebrew text
  • FIX: Thunderbird - Speech and tracking is now working as expected when editing a message
  • FIX: Thunderbird – When adding a new contact, the screen is no longer re-announced when cursoring through an edit field

Other v19 releases:

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