EasyConverter v5.06 has a new look about it. Dolphin has released the latest update to the alternative format creation tool with a brand new logo. As well as a new logo, v5.06 includes a host of fixes to improve the quality of the its alternative format outputs.

Brand new logo

To coincide with the v5.06 update, Dolphin has updated EasyConverter's logo. The new simple design is indicative of ease of use of the software, and consisting of a document with conversion arrows on it, the new logo also explains a bit about what the software does.

Image of new EasyCovnerter logo

New Help system

In v5.06, EasyConverter's Help system now opens in a standard and familiar HTML Help window.

General fixes:

EasyConverter v5.06 also includes a host of fixes to improve the quality of its alternative format outputs.

Braille fixes

  • New support added for Arabic and Spanish Braille output
  • Updated Swedish, UK and USA Braille tables
  • Fixes to enable embossing of Braille with Swedish settings
  • Users are now able to launch EasyConverter's Help from inside the Braille viewer
  • Added fixes for reported Braille module crashes

DAISY fixes

Fixes to prevent lines of text being repeated in DTBs

Large print fixes

Added fixes for reported large print module crashes

General fixes

  • Using EasyConverter's "Copy to" feature, outputs are now saved in both the project folder and the "copy to" location
  • Fixes have been added to enable users to add alternative text descriptions to images immediately after inputting a PDF document. For help in adding alternative text descriptions to images, watch the EasyConverter video.

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