Languages supported: Arabic, Czech, Japanese, Portuguese

  • Improved MP3 playback audio quality

Earlier versions of EasyReader used the Windows codecs to decode MP3 files and a bug in that interface caused the audio to be played back at 11 kHz mono (regardless of original quality).
Version 6.03 now includes its own module for MP3 decoding (no third party dependency for MP3). A benefit is that the audio quality is improved (played back at original quality) and incidents regarding Windows' codecs should happen less frequently.

  • Fix for Windows 8

We have made a fix in the help HTML files, as there were issues loading EasyReader Help on Windows 8 PCs. This is fixed in all help files for all languages.

  • Option to use "standard" File Open

In version 6.02, we introduced a new 'File Open' dialog and it has a lot of benefits for our users, but we have found a couple of issues. It is not fully accessible for some screen readers and it cannot handle Japanese characters in folder and file names correctly.
Version 6.03 introduces a new check-box in the "Settings" tab called "Use standard File Open". Ticking this box means that the standard Windows File Open dialog will be used (as used in EasyReader v6.01). By default, EasyReader will use the 6.02 version of File Open.
NOTE: The Japanese version of EasyReader 6.03 will always use the standard File Open dialog and this check-box is not visible.

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