EasyReader - My books overview | Dolphin Computer Access

Below is an image of the My Books screen followed by a description of each of the buttons.

Buttons include 1. Book Cover, 2. Side Menu, 3. Search, 4. List/Tile View, 5. Sort, 6. Book Information

1. Book cover - located to the left of each book

Tap to open the book

2. Side menu - located at the top left of the screen

Find a new book or newspaper to read from a library or open a clipboard text to read.

3. Search - located above the list of books

Search your My Books list for a title you have already downloaded.

4. List/Tile view - located at the top towards the right of the screen

Choose to display your My Books list as either a list or as tiles.

5. Sort - located at the top right of the screen

Sort your My Books list by title, author or most recently read.

6. Book information - located to the right of each book

Find information about the book, such as the title, author, format, size and a synopsis where available.