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Connect & View can be used with any USB document camera. As a general rule, any camera that can be used to make Skype video calls can be used with Connect & View. An example of a good, HD document Camera would be an “IPEVO Ziggi HD”.

To use the camera with SuperNova, simply plug it into any free USB port. Windows will automatically install the drivers for the camera without the user needing to do anything at all.  Once connected, go into the Connect & View dialog box from the SuperNova Control Panel’s View menu and on the “Camera” tab choose your camera.

There are 2 ways to turn on Connect & View:Connect and view button on the SuperNova control panel

  • By pressing the “Connect & View” button on the SuperNova Control Panel button bar
  • Using the “Connect & View” item in the “visual” menu on the SuperNova Control Panel.

After activating Connect & View, the camera image will be displayed in full screen mode. You can change where the camera is displayed. To do this, open the SuperNova Control Panel and from the “Visual” drop down menu select “Connect & View” and in the sub menu choose “View”.  You can display the camera image in one of the following positions:

  • Dock To Top
  • Dock To Left
  • Dock To Bottom
  • Dock To Right
  • Full Screen

You can pan around the camera image in the same way as you pan the SuperNova magnification normally. To move the mouse pointer to the camera image or back to your applications press:


You can then use the buttons on the Connect and View button bar to increase or decrease the magnification level. Or you can use the following hot keys:

 Function  Hot key
 Increase magnification  LEFT CONTROL + NUMPAD PLUS
 Decrease magnification  LEFT CONTROL + NUMPAD MINUS


Connect and view button bar