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The SuperNova Control Panel allows you to change SuperNova's settings to best meet your requirements.

The SuperNova Control Panel is divided into two main sections: the button bar and the menu bar.

  • The button bar has tabs and colourful icons and provides easy access to SuperNova's main features.
  • The menu bar, which is text only and sits above the button bar icons, provides access to the same features plus more advanced and less frequently used settings available in SuperNova.

SuperNova control panel visual menu

SuperNova includes settings that allow you to change the look and behaviour of the SuperNova Control Panel.

Settings include options to:

  • Hide the SuperNova Control Panel when SuperNova starts.
  • Stop the SuperNova Control Panel appearing on the Taskbar.
  • Show only the menu bar.

Trainer Tip: The benefit of removing SuperNova Control Panel from the Taskbar is that you avoid the chance of accidentally switching to it when using the Switch To (ALT + TAB) window.