10 Reasons why Guide Customers Should Upgrade to GuideConnect

If you're already a Guide user you may be considering making the switch to GuideConnect. Here are our 10 reasons to make the upgrade: 

1. The start of a new journey

  • We have many exciting new features planned and all GuideConnect customers can be a part of that journey, thanks to free updates for 12 months
  • Guide is no longer in active development and all our energy and development resources are now being ploughed into GuideConnect

2. 21st century web browsing

  • All the power of SuperNova’s web support, made simple thanks to GuideConnect’s talking menus
  • Use Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, online banking or online shopping
  • View webpages in your chosen GuideConnect colours

3. Accessible copies of all popular newspapers and magazines - delivered daily 

  • Sign up FREE to RNIB Newsagent and experience large print, high contrast, talking newspapers - every day
  • Choose your preferred national, regional and local newspapers, including the Daily Mail, Worcester News or Gardeners World
  • Browse today's headlines and only read the sections that interest you

4. Independently browse and read 1000s of books

5. Choose a device that fits your lifestyle

  • GuideConnect can be used on a Windows tablet, laptop, desktop or on your TV
  • Plus you can install GuideConnect to two of your devices, so there's no need to compromise

6. More than just keyboard and mouse access

  • Use GuideConnect with a touchscreen on a tablet or laptop
  • Or reach for the Dolphin Remote Control - perfect for sitting back on the sofa and dictating your email, letters or a quick web search

7. Simpler to learn and use

  • We've simplified the keystrokes in GuideConnect, so all of the popular tasks can be completed with a single key press
  • The new Actions Menu prevents tasks from becoming overly complicated. If you compose an email, the Actions Menu lets you decide if you want to spellcheck it, send it, save it drafts, etc

8. Timely notifications

  • GuideConnect notifies you when you have new emails, a calendar reminder or a book download has finished
  • Check your notifications in the Help and Info Menu, available anywhere in GuideConnect

9. Accessible and it looks good!

  • GuideConnect is not only fully accessible, but it also looks contemporary - you'll be proud to use GuideConnect in company
  • Use GuideConnect's talking menus in their new tile format, or switch back to the familiar list view

10. New features you asked us for

Guide customers spoke and we listened - GuideConnect includes some new, thoughtful details that you asked us for:

  • Speech input - dictate your documents, emails or search the web - all with your voice
  • Radio Favourites – you don’t have to trawl through a long list every time to find your favourite station
  • See ‘today’s events’ or ‘upcoming events’ in your calendar
  • Add recurring events for birthdays, etc
  • Print address labels, as well as envelopes
  • GuideConnect regularly checks for new email – every 30 minutes or more frequently if desired
  • New folders called ‘My Scanned Documents’ and ‘My Pictures’ make it far simpler to find the documents and pictures that you've scanned and saved
  • The text in the GuideConnect book reader scrolls beautifully and zooms smoothly - every time