Making Video Calls with GuideConnect

If you use GuideConnect, here is all the information you need to make and receive video calls. 

5 Steps to Make a Video Call:

New to 1.15, GuideConnect now provides people with sight loss with an easy to use and accessible way to make and receive video calls. Follow our 5 simple steps and watch our short tutorial video and you'll be making calls to your loved ones in no time.

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Step 1 Set up email account graphic

Step 1: Set up your email account in GuideConnect 

You need to have an email account set up in GuideConnect to make video calls. If you don't already have this, don't worry, you will be asked to set one up when you first use the Video Calling feature.

Step 2 Add contacts email address

Step 2: Add your friend's email address to your GuideConnect address book

For security, you can only make and receive video calls with people who are in your GuideConnect address book. To video call a friend, you'll need to add their email address to your address book (your friend will need to add yours to their Address book too).

Step 3 Arrange a time to call

Step 3: Arrange a time to call

For video calls to successfully connect, you'll both need to be online at the same time. So it's best to get in touch with each other by phone or email and arrange a suitable time. TIP: If you add your friend to your video calling favourites, GuideConnect will tell you if they are online before you try to call them.

Step 4 Choose mic and camera

Step 4: Choose your microphone and camera

Go to GuideConnect’s settings to choose the camera and microphone you would like to use for video calls. To do this, go to the GuideConnect Main Menu, choose ‘Settings’, then choose ‘Video calling’.

Step 5 Start the call

Step 5: Make a video call

Either you or your friend can start the call. To do this, from GuideConnect’s Main Menu, choose ‘Video calling’, then choose ‘Video call from address book’. Select your friend’s name from your address book to start the call. For more help with this step, here's a short video tutorial to show you how to make a video call in GuideConnect.


Calling friends and family who don’t use GuideConnect

You can also make video calls to friends and family who don't use GuideConnect. Friends and family can sign up for a free Dolphin Account to make video calls to you using their smartphone, tablet or computer.

Video Calling in GuideConnect: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Video Calling in GuideConnect?

A. Video Calling is a new feature available in GuideConnect, version 1.15. It enables GuideConnect customers to make video calls to friends or family members with ease, as most mainstream video calling services are not built for accessibility. Video calls are like phone calls, but instead of connecting across your telephone line, video calls are connected over the internet. This means if you have a camera connected to GuideConnect, your friend or family member will be able to see you on their screen while you are talking. If you don't have a camera available, you will still be able to call friends and family using GuideConnect, but your friend or family member won't be able to see you on their screen. If they have a camera on the device they are using, (such as a smartphone, tablet or a laptop), and your vision levels allow, you will be able to see them on your screen too. 


Q. Can all GuideConnect customers use the new Video Calling feature?

A. The GuideConnect Video Calling feature is exclusively available to GuideConnect customers with an active Premium Plan. All GuideConnect customers are provided with a 12-month Premium Plan that entitles them to receive product updates, priority support and premium features including GuideConnect Video Calling. If you choose not to renew your Premium Plan when it expires, you will no longer be able to use the Video Calling feature. The good news is that Dolphin has extended all Premium Plans free of charge until Spring 2021. So even if you have had GuideConnect for more than 12 months, your Premium Plan won't expire until 31st March 2021 at the earliest.

Find out more about Premium Plans and how to keep yours up to date at:


Q. Who can I make video calls to?

A. You can make video calls to anyone, whether they use GuideConnect or not. 
- If your friend also uses GuideConnect, they will need an active Premium Plan to accept a video call from you.
- If your friend doesn’t use GuideConnect, they can make video calls to you using their smartphone, tablet or computer by creating a Dolphin Account. This is a free service, and your friends and family will be able to find out more about the service and how to sign up at


Q. Can I check if my friend is online before I make a video call?

A. Yes you can. If you add your friend to your video calling favourites, GuideConnect will tell you whether they are online or offline before you try to call them. To add a friend to your video calling favourites, from GuideConnect's Main menu choose 'Video calling', then choose 'Video call from favourites list'. GuideConnect will open a list of people that you have already added to your favourites list. To add a new favourite, press F2 to open the actions menu, then choose 'Add a favourite'. GuideConnect will open a list of people who are in your address book but have not already been added to your favourites list for you to choose from. Once you select a friend, they will be added to your video calling favourites list and GuideConnect will tell you if they are online before you try to call them.


Q. My friend doesn’t use GuideConnect. How do I make a video call to them?

A. If your friend or family member doesn’t use GuideConnect you can still make video calls to them. Ask them to go to where they can find instructions to sign up to a Dolphin Account (this is free of charge) and make video calls to you using their smartphone, tablet or computer. You will need to have each others email addresses in your address books, and you will both need an internet connection on your device to connect. 


Q. Why can’t I use Skype or Zoom in GuideConnect?

A. Mainstream video calling services are a great way to connect with loved ones. However, they can be a challenge to use with assistive technology and there are often a number of complicated steps, links, codes and pin numbers to access a call. This means many people find it too difficult and give up before the call connects. We wanted to make Video Calling accessible for users with visual impairments, regardless of their knowledge of computers and tablet. So the team at Dolphin decided to create our own accessible video calling service - one which is easy to use with GuideConnect and through the Dolphin website for friends and family.


Q. How many people can video call at one time using GuideConnect?

A. You can call one contact at a time using GuideConnect’s Video calling feature. This helps you to keep track of who is on screen and who you are talking to. Don't forget, the person at the other end may be joined by other family members or friends, so you're not limited to only speaking to one person if there are more people in the room with them. It just means you can't hold a conference call. Likewise, if you are calling with someone else in the room with you, they can say hello and join in with your chat.


Q. Can I turn my camera and microphone on and off when I am on a video call?

A. Yes. When you are on a video call with a friend or family member, three large buttons are displayed on screen. These can be used to turn your microphone on and off, to turn your camera on and off and to end the call.  Navigate your way to these buttons using the UP and DOWN arrow keys. If GuideConnect's voice is ON, it will also tell you which button you are currently on when you navigate the screen. GuideConnect will also tell you when you or your friend turn your camera or microphone off - this is a great help if you switch them off accidentally!


Q. Do I have to have a camera to make video calls?

A. If you would like your friend or family member to see you when you call, you will need to have a camera (or webcam) connected to your computer. If you're using GuideConnect on a laptop or tablet you are likely to have a camera built in to your device already. If you are using GuideConnect on a computer or through your TV, you will need to connect a separate camera to make video calls. If you don’t have a camera, you can still make calls to friends and family, but they won’t be able to see you. Most cameras also come with a built-in microphone so the person you are calling will be able to hear you too. If you would like to buy a camera for Video Calling, call Dolphin's friendly sales team on 01905 754577, or email [email protected]


Q. Where can I get help with GuideConnect Video Calling?

A. There are different ways to get help and support to use video calling:
- Open the Help in GuideConnect: To access the help section in GuideConnect, go to the Video Calling menu and then press F1.
- Watch tutorial videos in GuideConnect: There are lots of tutorial videos available in GuideConnect. These have step-by-step instructions to help you make video calls, write documents, scan your post and using lots of other GuideConnect features. To find a tutorial video, go to the GuideConnect main menu, select ‘Tools’ then choose ‘Training’. From here choose ‘Tutorial videos’ and pick the video you would like to watch.
- Contact Dolphin’s Product Support: If you have a technical issue with GuideConnect Video Calling, Dolphin’s Product Support Team are always happy to help. Call them on 01905 754577 or email [email protected]