Dolphin Video Calling Service - For Friends and Family

For the times you can't be together, Video Calling is a wonderful way to stay in touch with your family and friends. 

When your loved ones are visually impaired, or not confident to access video calling through the usual channels, GuideConnect is the best way to see them and share some time together. Along with being able to talk, video calling helps to give you peace of mind that your loved ones are keeping well and are safe and happy at home.  

If you have a friend or relative who uses GuideConnect, use these 4 simple steps to sign up for a free Dolphin Account and make video calls to them from your own device.  

Man & woman on a video call smiling and waving at laptop screen.


Get started with the Dolphin Video Calling Service in 4 simple steps

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1. Sign up for free

Sign up for your free Dolphin Account at Create a new account or sign in with your existing Google Account.

Sign in on any device

2. Sign in on any device

Sign in to the Dolphin website on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Open the Dolphin Video Calling Service to add contacts or make a call. 

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3. Add your contact

In the Dolphin Video Calling Service, add the email address of the GuideConnect user to your Address Book. Ensure your email address is in theirs, too.

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4. Make your video call

You’re ready to make a video call! Remember, your friend needs to have GuideConnect open to connect and receive your call.

Friends and Family - Sign Up for a Free Dolphin Account

To make a video call to a friend or family member who uses GuideConnect, sign up for a free Dolphin Account today. With your free account, you can sign in to the Dolphin website and make calls to your friend or family member using your smartphone, tablet or computer.

How to make a video call

In this short video, we show you to use the Dolphin Video Calling Service to make video calls to people who use GuideConnect.

Dolphin Video Calling Service: Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why can’t I use Skype or Zoom to call friends who use GuideConnect?

A. Mainstream video calling services are a great way to connect with loved ones. However, they can be a challenge to use with assistive technology and there are often a number of complicated steps, links, codes and pin numbers to access a call. This means many people find it too difficult and give up before the call connects. We wanted to make Video Calling accessible for users with visual impairments, regardless of their knowledge of computers and tablet. So the team at Dolphin decided to create our own accessible video calling service - one which is easy to use with GuideConnect and through the Dolphin website for friends and family.


Q. Who can I call using the Dolphin Video Calling Service?

A. Using the service, you will be able to call GuideConnect customers who have an active Premium Plan. The Dolphin Video Calling Service is designed to provide an easy way to connect to people who are using GuideConnect, so you will not be able to make calls to people who do not use GuideConnect, or to GuideConnect customers who do not have an active Premium Plan.


Q. How many people can video call at one time using GuideConnect?

A. You can call one friend at a time using the Dolphin Video Calling Service, but there's nothing stopping the whole family joining in on the call from the same device.


Q. Can I schedule a call with a friend using Dolphin Video Calling?

A. No. Unfortunately you can’t schedule a call using the Dolphin Video Calling Service. To make a successful call, you need to be online and logged in to your Dolphin Account and your friend or relative needs to have GuideConnect open.


Q. Can I see when my friend is available for a video call?

A. Yes. When you log in to the Dolphin Video Calling Service, you will be taken to your address book. If your friend who uses GuideConnect is online, a green symbol will appear to the left of their name in your address book.  


Q. My friend needs help to make a call in GuideConnect – how can I help them?

A. Making a video call in GuideConnect is incredibly easy. If your friend needs help, we’ve included step-by-step instructions and have created a short tutorial video on the Dolphin website for Making a Video Call in GuideConnect so you can walk them through it one step at a time.

If your friend needs further assistance, GuideConnect includes Help for video calling (just press F1 from the video calling menu) and tutorial videos (from GuideConnect's Main Menu choose ‘Tools’, then ‘Training’ and then select ‘Tutorial videos’.

For technical issues with video calling, Dolphin’s Product Support Team are always happy to help. Call them on 01905 754577 or email [email protected]