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Supported Braille Displays

Braille displays compatible with SuperNova and Dolphin ScreenReader

Braille Displays For SuperNova & ScreenReader

SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader and Dolphin ScreenReader support over 60 refreshable braille display models from leading manufacturers.

Dolphin software supports more than fifty literary and computer braille translations, including Unified English Braille (UEB) and American literary braille (EBAE). Along with contracted and uncontracted braille.

If you have any questions about the compatibility of your preferred braille display with the SuperNova or ScreenReader software, please contact the Dolphin team on 01905 754 577.

Hands on a refreshable braille display
Refreshable Braille Display in use

Braille Display Devices

There are a wide range of refreshable braille display devices compatible with Dolphin software for people who read braille. 

Whether you prefer to use a larger braille keyboard with refreshable display, or a mini braille note-taker, the braille experience you have with Dolphin ScreenReader or SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader is responsive and reliable. It will help you reach your full potential at school and at work.

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Contact the Dolphin Sales Team in the UK or your local Dolphin Dealer to find out if the braille display you use is compatible with Dolphin ScreenReader or SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader.

Supported Braille Displays List

  From Humanware

  • Brailliant BI braille display
    (Bluetooth/wired connection)
  • BrailleNote Touch tablet and note taker
  • Mantis Q40 braille display
  • Chameleon braille display

  Manufactured by Vario

  • SuperVario Family braille displays
  • Vario3 Series braille displays
  • Vario4 Series braille displays
  • VarioPro 80 braille display
  • VarioPro 64 braille display

  By Freedom Scientific

  • Focus braille display line
  • PACmate 20 cell displays
  • PACmate 40 cell displays

  Manufactured by Orbit

  • Orbit Reader 40
  • Orbit Reader 20

  From Seika

  • Seika Notetaker
  • Seika3 Braille

  By Hims

  • Hims Braille EDGE
  • Hims SyncBraille
  • Hims Sense

  From Pappenmeir

  • BRAILLEX Compact 2
  • BRAILLEX 2D Lite
  • BRAILLEX 2D Lite plus
  • BRAILLEX Trio and Duo

  By Handy Tech

  • Modular Evolution 88
  • Modular Evolution 64
  • Braille Star 80
  • Braille Star 80 Basic
  • Braille Star 40
  • Braille Star 40 Basic
  • Braille Wave
  • Easy Braille
  • Easy Braille Bluetooth
  • Bookworm
  • Braillino

  Other Braille Displays

  • Nattiq Note
  • Pulse Data Braille Note
  • Alva BC6

This list is regularly updated with new braille displays which are supported by Dolphin software.

If you would like advice on whether the elecronic braille display you already use is compatible with Dolphin SuperNova or Dolphin ScreenReader, please contact the Dolphin Sales Team.

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Dolphin products compatible with braille displays

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SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader can be used with braille displays and braille readers.

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Dolphin ScreenReader can be used with electronic braille displays and braille readers.

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EasyReader is compatible with many electronic braille readers.

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