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EasyReader Premium helps educators ensure reading is accessible for students with print impairments. Teaching and support staff can invite students to log in to EasyReader to access  libraries and reading material in accessible formats.

With EasyReader Premium, students with visual impairments or neurodiverse conditions - such as dyslexia - have a better reading experience. It provides access to accessible book libraries and textbook collections. Students customise the reading view and audio settings to meet their own needs, and read on any compatible device - at school and at home - with settings saved and synchronised. 

For educators, the students' engagement can be monitored to identify additional support needs. 

EasyReader Premium is available as a free trial in the UK, USA and Canada until 31 May 2022. 

EasyReader Premium on a laptop and smartphone device.

EasyReader on a laptop, tablet and smartphone.

All the benefits of the EasyReader App

With EasyReader Premium, students continue to benefit from accessibility features in the free EasyReader App. These include: 

  • Direct access to over 40 accessible libraries.
  • A customised reading experience, to suit each reader.
  • Adjustable magnification, speech and colour schemes.
  • Availability on a wide range of devices, including iPhones and iPads, Android phones and tablets, Amazon Kindle Fire tablets and Chromebooks. 

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Book Downloads 

Download a book on one device and it is instantly added to the My Books list on any device. This is useful for homework and research when students use different devices at home and in class.

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Reading Position

With EasyReader Premium, readers never lose their place. Reading positions are displayed on each device used, so students continue to read wherever they left off. Simply tap the book on another device to continue reading.

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Bookmarks & Notes

The bookmarks students add are automatically available when they open the same book on another device. Any text and study notes made are synchronised, so they can be studied in different places on other devices.


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Clipboard Text

If a student finds something interesting online or in class, they can copy text to the clipboard in EasyReader Premium. It’s then available to open when they log in to EasyReader Premium on any other device. A handy tool for study notes and homework.

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Preferred Libraries

Students only need to sign in to their library memberships once. EasyReader Premium remembers and securely synchronises each library login across devices. Students simply open EasyReader Premium to access the libraries they need.

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Reading Preferences

When students customise their settings in EasyReader Premium, the fonts, text size, colours and speech settings are applied to any book they open. These synchronise across devices, for a personalised reading experience, every time.

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More Premium features coming soon

Dolphin will add new features to EasyReader Premium, based on feedback from the free trial.

Educators: Set up student accounts

Show your commitment to accessibility in education. Teachers and support staff can use their Dolphin Account to invite students to take advantage of EasyReader Premium features.

Exclusively available to schools, colleges and universities that subscribe, EasyReader Premium access means your students can sign in on any device, and take advantage of all the accessible features throughout their learning journey.  

Your educational team creates accounts for students and staff with visual impairments, neurodiverse needs and other print impairments. These students can then easily access the textbooks and reading material they need, in formats that help with reading and study. 


Students using digital devices in a classroom.

EasyReader Premium Subscription Prices

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EasyReader Premium for Education

From £500 / $500 per year

Introductory offer: Free trial until 31 May 2022

Exclusive to schools, colleges, universities and school districts in the UK, USA and Canada.
View additional pricing information. Limitations apply*

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EasyReader App

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For Personal Use


EasyReader App is a free reading app that makes books more accessible to readers who are visually impaired, have a neurodiverse condition such as dyslexia, or other print impairment.

Use the free EasyReader App to customise your reading experience. Adjust and magnify text, change colour schemes, synchronise text with speech, or use the audio settings to listen to books.

About EasyReader App

Powered By EasyReader

Powered By EasyReader logo

For Talking Book Libraries

Priced per project 

Partner with Dolphin to build a bespoke, branded library app for your service users. Powered by EasyReader provides access to expert app developers and an enjoyable reading experience for library members.

Powered by EasyReader is the best way to get your brand's audio and accessible books to a wider audience, backed up with reliable, proven technology.

About Powered by EasyReader

Development Kit

EasyReader Development Kit logo

For Assistive Tech Developers

Price depends on project 

Assistive technology developers have access to a development kit so they can embed accessible reading and make it part of their own solution. 

The EasyReader Development Kit provides access to talking book libraries around the world. In addition, it includes an accessible book reader, which users can customise to suit their own sight or reading requirements.

EasyReader Development Kit

Additional pricing information

EasyReader Premium for schools

Annual subscription of £1 / $1 per student based on total student enrolment. Minimum price of £500 / $500 applies. This price includes the facility to create accounts for all your students who are visually impaired or have a neurodiverse condition such as dyslexia to use EasyReader Premium. 

EasyReader Premium for universities and school districts

The annual subscription amount is based on total student enrolment. Please contact our helpful sales team to discuss your requirements.

*View End User Licence Agreement and Sales Terms & Conditions