EasyReader Development Kit

Make Books Accessible 
For your assistive technology users

Accessible reading that empowers your customers

The EasyReader Development Kit provides a gateway to thousands of accessible books. This means customers using your assistive technology can enjoy titles from leading accessible book libraries and talking newspaper stands. Work with Dolphin to meet accessibility requirements for customers who are blind, partially sighted or have a print impairment such as dyslexia. The technology behind the EasyReader Development Kit is reliable and robust, and ensures your customers have an enjoyable reading experience.

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Two Development Kits 

The EasyReader Development Kit comprises of two SDKs:
The Bookshelf SDK and the Reader SDK


The Bookshelf SDK

Dolphin EasyReader gives you direct access to the largest collection of accessible book libraries and talking newspaper services in the world. 

There are over 40 accessible libraries available and the EasyReader Bookshelf SDK provides access to all services through a single, consistent user interface. 

Library services available include:

  • RNIB Library
  • Bookshare
  • Calibre Audio
  • CELA
  • NFB Newsline
  • Legimus
  • NLB
  • Nota
  • Vision Australia

Libraries UI on a smartphone graphic.

Newspapers UI on a smartphone graphic.

The Reader SDK

Make reading more accessible to your customers. The Reader SDK ensures your customers can read in the way they prefer.

Each reading experience is fully accessible for people who are visually impaired, have a neurodiverse condition such as dyslexia or another print impairment.

Users can customise their on-screen reading experience through the EasyReader technology embedded in your assistive technology solution.

All Features

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Work With Dolphin

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For any assistive technology solution, reliability is key and with the EasyReader Development Kit, reliability is assured. Thousands of people already choose EasyReader to download accessible books. It’s reliable, robust, and trusted around the world.

Development Support Icon

Development Support

Benefit from the experience and expertise at Dolphin to help make your accessible reading solution even more successful. The Dolphin team can provide guidance on SDK implementation, or develop a reading experience based on your customer requirements.

Creative Freedom Icon

Creative Freedom

You know your own customers better than anyone else. With the EasyReader Development Kit, your team has the freedom to create an accessible reading experience that reflects the needs of your customer base.


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The EasyReader Development Kit is designed to be flexible. To suit your customers' needs, you can choose to implement the Bookshelf SDK, the Reader SDK, or both

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Regular Updates

The EasyReader Development Kit is a platform that continues to grow. Any improvements we make to the EasyReader App are also made available in the Development Kit for your customers' benefit.

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Save Time & Money

Together with our library partners, we built EasyReader Development Kit to benefit you. The EasyReader Development Kit will save you time and money compared to developing an accessible reading app in-house.


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Platform Choice

The EasyReader Development Kit is available for Windows or Android. Choose one or use both. We are happy to advise you if you need further information.


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EasyReader App

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For Personal Use


EasyReader is a free app that makes reading more accessible to readers who are visually impaired, have a neurodiverse condition such as dyslexia, or other print impairment.

With an iOS, Android or Kindle Fire device, the free EasyReader App enables you to to customise your reading experience. You can adjust and magnify text, change colour schemes, synchronise text with speech, or use the audio settings alone to listen to books.

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EasyReader Premium

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For Educators

Free trial until 31 May 2022. 
Annual subscription thereafter

Schools, colleges and universities subscribe to EasyReader Premium for additional features that improve accessibility for students with print impairments. Features include synchronisation across devices for reading preferences, books and bookmarks.

Teachers and support staff set up student accounts and invite students to log in through the EasyReader Premium Portal.

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Powered By EasyReader

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For Talking Book Libraries

Priced per project 

Talking book libraries partner with Dolphin to build a bespoke, branded library app for their service users. 

Powered by EasyReader provides access to expert app developers, and an enjoyable reading experience for talking book library members.

Powered by EasyReader is the best way to get your brand's audio and accessible books to a wider audience, backed up with reliable, proven technology.

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