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All communications accessible and legal obligations, fulfilled

Create braille, large print and audio for customers with visual and reading impairments

Ensuring your communications are accessible to all of your clients makes legal and financial sense. Offering your customers and employees a choice of alternative formats not only ensures you're compliant with equality legislation but also improves customer service, differentiating your organisation from others.

Integrate the EasyConverter software into your workflow, and with minimal investment, your staff are empowered to confidently deliver accessible information to your clients with sight loss and reading difficulties. Avoid the expense of outsourcing your altformat production and improve response times with EasyConverter.

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  • One simple tool to create all your accessible communications
  • Integrates into your current workflows and processes
  • No previous experience in creating alternative formats required
  • Create large print, MP3, DAISY, audio and braille formats
  • Input documents in Word, PDF, text, html, scanned text and other file formats
  • Accomodate customers with sight loss, reading difficulties and second language speakers
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10


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Communicate with the Broadest Audience

Offering your communications in a variety of accessible formats ensures you're reaching the widest demographic. Offer and deliver accessible communications to customers with:

  • Low vision or blindness
  • Dyslexia or specific learning difficulties
  • Visual processing problems
  • Congitive differences
  • Poor reading speed
  • Low literacy
  • Non-native language skills
  • Limb differences that may make holding paper difficult

Case Study

"We will be giving residents the opportunity to receive information that is normally only available in print, as MP3.  This will make it easier for a whole range of people for whom printed formats would be a barrier to being involved."

"We will update residents with minutes of meetings, newsletters, new policies and procedures to encourage engagement from groups such as, the visually impaired, young people, during training courses and sign-ups as well as for those who would just find it easier to listen to rather than read paper."

Michael Simms, Catalyst Communities


James Fossey, from Enchanced Vision, talks about how he uses EasyConverter to create audio for his users.