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A free update to GuideConnect 1.17 is being rolled out from today. This update includes three new accessible games, the ability to browse and read books from Calibre Audio, plus a host of improvements for reading emails, visiting websites and more.

The update is currently being rolled out to customers in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Norway and Russia. The update will be made available for additional languages over the coming weeks. Continue reading to find out what’s new in GuideConnect 1.17, plus how to update or try GuideConnect free for 30 days.

New in GuideConnect 1.17

Single Player Games

Three new single player games are now available in GuideConnect. These are fun to play and it's widely reported that computer games can provide benefits by keeping minds active, such as improved mental health and wellbeing.


Now available in the Entertainment menu, the new single-player games are accessible and easy to use with GuideConnect.

The new games are:

  • Hangman – Uncover the letters of a hidden word.
  • Blackjack - Match your cards as close to 21 to win casino chips from the dealer.
  • Sudoku – For people who enjoy a challenge - complete a 9 by 9 grid so each column, row and sub-grid contain all the digits from 1 to 9.

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Browse and read accessible books from Calibre Audio

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GuideConnect customers in the UK, US, Canada, Australian and New Zealand can now download and read accessible audio books from Calibre Audio.


With more than 12,000 audiobooks, Calibre Audio is one of the UK's most popular audiobook collections. Available to people who have a print-based disability, the Calibre Audio collection offers accessible audiobook versions of the latest bestsellers, classic literature, non-fiction titles and more than 3,000 books specifically for children and young readers.


Members of Calibre Audio can now sign in and browse the entire collection in GuideConnect. Up to four books can be borrowed at any one time. Once borrowed, the books can be downloaded in GuideConnect to read in comfort, or copied to a portable device. After 30 days, GuideConnect automatically returns each title back to Calibre Audio, so members can browse the collection again and borrow more.

Please note: Users need to be a member of Calibre Audio to use this feature.


Further improvements in 1.17

The update to GuideConnect 1.17 has a number of essential fixes and improvements, including:

  • A new option in the address book to invite friends and family to sign up to accessible video calling.
  • Improvements in synchronising and displaying emails.
  • Improvements to ensure web pages display correctly.

How to update to GuideConnect 1.17

The update to GuideConnect 1.17 is being rolled out to customers in stages over the next few weeks using the product’s built-in updater.

Customers will be informed that their update to 1.17 is available when exiting GuideConnect.

After receiving this message, simply choose 'update', and GuideConnect downloads and installs the update.


Please note:
The update to GuideConnect 1.17 is being rolled out to customers in stages over the next few weeks.
If you don’t receive the update straight away - don’t worry – it is on its way.


If you prefer not to wait, GuideConnect customers can update at any time by installing a trial of GuideConnect 1.17 from the Dolphin website.

Try GuideConnect free for 30 days

Do you know or support someone with sight loss who could benefit from user-friendly tech? Try GuideConnect free for 30 days and discover how easy it is to stay independent, connected and entertained. The trial of GuideConnect includes product support, so help is on hand to answer any questions you have.


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About Dolphin GuideConnect

Dolphin GuideConnect is user-friendly tech for people with sight loss.


Available on a computer, tablet or through your TV, GuideConnect is the simplest way for people who are blind or partially sighted to stay independent, connected and entertained.

Use GuideConnect to send emails, make video calls, browse the web, read print, listen to audiobooks, radio stations and more.


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