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A new update to GuideConnect 1.23 is being rolled out from today.

This update includes improvements for proof-reading documents, attaching files to emails, copying text from websites and much more. 

GuideConnect 1.23 is available in 18 languages and is being rolled out exclusively to customers who have an active Premium Plan. Continue reading to find out what’s new in GuideConnect 1.23, how to update, and how to try GuideConnect free for 30 days.

New in GuideConnect 1.23

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Improvements for Documents

The 1.23 update makes it easier for people using GuideConnect to check their punctuation is in the right place when writing a document or email. Press CONTROL + F5 in a multi-line edit area and the speech will read through all the text including any punctuation. 

Further improvements for the Documents feature in GuideConnect 1.23 include:

  • The ability to save documents as a PDF file.
  • An option to print PDF files. 
  • A new setting to choose the sound that plays when a spelling error is typed.
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Improvements for Email

This update includes improvements for sending and saving attachments via email:

  • It is now easier to send files as attachments via email. A new option for ‘Send selected file via email’ is now available in the Actions menu for My Documents, My Pictures, My Scanned Text and File Explorer. After selecting this option, the selected file or files will be attached to an email ready to send.
  • The update to 1.23 also includes the ability to save multiple attachments at once rather than having to save each attachment individually. 
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Improvements for Music

A new ‘Playlists’ option is now available in the Music menu. This option allows people using GuideConnect to create a playlist and add their favourite tracks to it.

The update also includes an option to play through a list of tracks in their original order, or to shuffle the tracks so they are played in a random order.

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Improvements for Websites

GuideConnect 1.23 introduces the ability to select and copy text from websites using the keyboard or the mouse. To select text from a web page using the keyboard, hold the SHIFT key and use the ARROW KEYS to select a character or line. To copy the text, press CONTROL + C. Once copied, the text will be ready to paste into an edit field using the keypress CONTROL + V.

The 1.23 update also includes changes to the back-end technology of the web browser. This means that the web browser will automatically keep itself up to date, so people using GuideConnect will always benefit from the latest security and performance when browsing favourite websites.   

Read a complete list of what’s new

The update to 1.23 also includes further improvements for the Notes feature, a new series of training podcasts to help customers to get the most out of using GuideConnect, plus a range of additional fixes and improvements. Read a complete list of what's new on the Dolphin website.

How to update to GuideConnect 1.23

GuideConnect 1.23 is exclusively available for customers with an active Premium Plan. 

Customers with an active Premium Plan will receive a message when they exit GuideConnect asking if they would like to update. From this message, simply choose 'update' and GuideConnect will download and install the update.

Please note - The update to GuideConnect 1.23 will be rolled out to customers in stages over the next few weeks. If you don’t receive the update straight away, please be assured that it’s on its way. 

Keep your Premium Plan up to date 

If you are a GuideConnect customer, you can check whether your Premium Plan is up to date using GuideConnect’s menus. To do this: 

  1. Open GuideConnect.
  2. Select ‘Tools’.
  3. Select ‘About’.
  4. Select ‘Check my Premium Plan’. 

GuideConnect will tell you whether your Premium Plan is active or is due to be renewed.

Keeping your Premium Plan active means you will benefit from:

  • Exclusive use of premium features, including accessible video calling and multiple email accounts.
  • Regular updates with new features and improvements.
  • Priority status with the Dolphin Support Team.

To renew your Premium Plan:

  • If you live in the UK, contact the Dolphin team on 01905 754577 and select option 1.
  • If you live outside the UK, please contact the company you purchased GuideConnect from.

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