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GuideConnect 1.23 includes improvements for proof-reading documents, attaching files to emails, copying text from web pages and much more.

Improvements for Documents

  • It is now easier to for people using GuideConnect to check that punctuation is in the right place when writing a document or email. Press CONTROL + F5 in a multi-line edit area and the speech will read through all the text and announce punctuation points. NOTE: Text can still be read without punctuation by pressing F5.
  • A new option has been added to save a copy of a document as a PDF file. To save a document as a PDF, open the document, then open the Actions menu, choose ‘Print’, select ‘Printer’ and choose ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’ from the list of available printers. The PDF will be saved in the same location as the original document and can be accessed using the File Explorer.
  • A new option for ‘Word wrapping’ is now available in the Appearance settings. When set to ON, the text within a document is wrapped to edges of the screen. When set to OFF, text within a document is not wrapped to the edges of the screen. Text will only appear on a new line when a physical line break has been entered.
  • A new option is now available to choose the sound that is played when a spelling error is typed. To select a different sound, select ‘Settings’, then choose ‘Speech and audio’, then ‘Speech when typing’, then ‘Spelling error sounds’.

Improvements for Email

  • The 1.23 update makes it easier to send files as attachments. A new option for ‘Send selected file via email’ is now available in the Actions menu for My Documents, My Pictures, My Scanned Text and File Explorer. After selecting this option, the selected file or files will be attached to an email ready to send.
  • Attachments no longer need to be saved one at a time - multiple email attachments can now be saved at once. To save more than one attachment, use the SPACEBAR to select multiple files from the attachments list, then use the Actions menu to save them. 

Improvements for Music

  • A new ‘Playlists’ option is now available in the Music menu. This option allows users to create a playlist and add favourite tracks to it.
  • A new option has been added to shuffle the tracks that are currently being played. To shuffle the songs, select ‘Continue listening’ from the Music menu, then open the Actions menu and choose ‘Shuffle’.

Improvements for Notes

  • A new option is now available to print text notes.
  • A new action for ‘Spell check’ is now available when typing a text note. 

Improvements for Websites

  • People using GuideConnect can now select and copy text from websites using the keyboard. To select text, hold SHIFT and use the ARROW KEYS. To copy the text, press CONTROL + C. The text will be ready to paste into an edit field using CONTROL + V. 
  • GuideConnect 1.23 includes an update to the back-end technology of the web browser. This means that the web browser will automatically keep itself up to date, so customers will always benefit from the latest security and performance when browsing favourite websites.   

Additional fixes in GuideConnect 1.23

The update to GuideConnect 1.23 also includes the following fixes and improvements:

  • FIX: Address book. GuideConnect no longer closes unexpectedly when attempting to print a contact’s details onto an envelope. 
  • FIX: Books and News. Newspapers from the Dutch service Passend Lezen are now listed in numerical order.
  • FIX: Books and News. If a library includes a ‘wish list’ feature, books can now be added to the wish list using GuideConnect.
  • FIX: Documents. Fix for using the ‘Find’ feature to find an instance of a word in a document. After finding the final instance of a word in a document, pressing CTRL + F again will now move the highlight back to the first instance of the word. 
  • FIX: Documents. A fix has been applied to prevent GuideConnect from closing unexpectedly when attempting to print a document.
  • FIX: Documents. Letter addresses are now printed in the correct positions for people using GuideConnect in the Netherlands and Germany.
  • FIX: Email. It is now possible to forward emails which are listed in the ‘Sent’ email folder.
  • FIX: Email. Emails which contain international (diacritic) characters are now displayed correctly in GuideConnect.
  • FIX: Media player. If a music track or podcast has been paused, the speech no longer re-announces what is being played when the user starts listening to the track or podcast again. 
  • FIX: Music. Fix to resolve an issue where some CDs were not being imported to GuideConnect correctly. 
  • FIX: Podcasts. GuideConnect no longer lists podcasts which contain explicit language (e.g. swear words) in the title. 
  • FIX: Remote support. After opening the Remote Support feature, the arrow keys can now be used to read the username and password a character at a time. 
  • FIX: Settings. If the display language is being changed, customers are now asked to confirm the changes before the new language is applied. 
  • FIX: Settings. Following recent changes made to Windows, people using GuideConnect are now able to connect to a new WiFi network as expected. 
  • NEW: Training. A new series of Training Podcasts have been added to the Training menu. This series of podcasts is produced by Mystic Access and are available in all English language versions of GuideConnect. The podcasts include 21 short tutorials to help customers get the most out of using the product.
  • NEW: Training. The Dutch language version of GuideConnect now includes six new tutorial videos. These videos are available in the ‘Training’ menu and help customers in the Netherlands to learn how to send and receive emails.
  • NEW: Typing Tutor. The typing tutor is now available in all language versions of GuideConnect. To use the Typing Tutor, open ‘Tools’, then choose ‘Training’, then select ‘Typing Tutor’.
  • FIX: Updater. It is now much easier for customers to update the latest version of GuideConnect. The updater now automatically installs updates to GuideConnect when the product is opened. The updater also checks to ensure the device is compatible with the latest version of GuideConnect before installing the update. 
  • NEW: Voice input. A new setting is now available when using voice input to enter text into a single line edit field. This setting is available in the ‘Speech and audio’ settings and can be used to specify whether the text should be automatically accepted after using voice input, or whether the ENTER key should be pressed before it is accepted.
  • FIX: Voice input. The microphone on the Dolphin Remote can now be used to perform a Google search on websites as expected.   
  • NEW: Websites. Customers can now sign-in to websites which use a pop-up login screen. This includes websites such as
  • FIX: Websites. When adding a website such as to favourites, GuideConnect no longer remains on the loading screen. 

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