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The update to GuideConnect 1.21 includes:

  • FIX: Email. GuideConnect now loads correctly when a customer has previously set up a POP email account.
  • FIX: Email. Email signatures are now added to outgoing emails as expected. 
  • FIX: Email. When an email is opened from the drafts folder, any existing text already included in the draft email is now displayed as expected. 
  • FIX: Translations. Czech diacritic characters are now displayed correctly after completing a scan and read.

The 1.21 update also includes the improvements made in GuideConnect 1.20. This includes:

  • NEW: Address book. The address book now includes an option to add a title to an existing contact (e.g. Mr, Mrs etc.). 
  • NEW: Address book. The address book now includes an option to add notes to an existing contact. 
  • NEW: Books and News. New accessible libraries are now available in the Books and News feature. These include Blind Low Vision (New Zealand), Buchnacker (Germany) and NSBS (Suriname). 
  • FIX: Books and News. A fix has been applied following changes made by RNIB to ensure customers in the UK can find and read newspapers from RNIB Newsagent as expected.
  • FIX: Books and News. Books from the Czech library KDD are now delivered as ZIP files. Customers from the Czech Republic can now download and read these books as expected. 
  • NEW: Documents. A new ‘Information’ option has been added to the actions menu for writing a document. This option displays the document format, the document name, and the number of words in the document. 
  • NEW: Documents. A new option for ‘Letter date’ has been added to the actions menu when writing a letter. This provides options for the letter date to be set manually or automatically. Please note: The letter date is not shown on the screen when writing a letter, but it is applied when the letter is printed. 
  • FIX: Documents. A message is now displayed to inform the user if a document is being saved with an invalid file name. This includes if the file name is too long, if the file name is empty, or if the file name contains invalid characters.
  • FIX: Documents. If a document is saved with an invalid file name, GuideConnect now returns to the edit field so a new file name can be entered.
  • FIX: Documents. When using CTRL + F to find an instance of a word or phrase, the speech now announces the word when the highlight moves to it in the document.
  • NEW: Documents. After using CTRL + F to find an instance of a word or phrase, the CTRL + G key can now be used to move to the next instance of that word in the document. 
  • FIX: Email. The zoom level for reading HTML emails is now saved. This means the same zoom level will be applied the next time an email is opened. 
  • FIX: Email. The voice now starts reading from the correct position when using the F5 key to read through an HTML email. 
  • FIX: Help. The zoom level for reading Help pages is now saved. This means the same zoom level is applied the next time the Help is opened. 
  • NEW: Podcasts. The option to find a podcast has been replaced by a new option to search for a podcast. This search option provides a much wider selection of podcasts to choose from. Customers can search for a particular podcast by name (e.g. ‘RNIB Connect’), or search for podcasts about a particular topic (e.g. ‘Gardening’). Once the search term is entered, GuideConnect will display a list of relevant podcasts to choose from.
  • FIX: Scanner and camera. The voice now reads text which has been scanned at the correct reading speed.
  • FIX: Scanner and camera. A fix has been applied to prevent GuideConnect from closing unexpectedly if a document is scanned immediately after the program loads. 
  • FIX: Support. When using the Remote Support option, the speech now announces the password at a slower reading speed. This makes it easier for customers to relay the password to a member of the Dolphin Product Support team. 
  • NEW: Tools. New tutorial videos have been added to the ‘Training’ menu (which is in ‘Tools’) to help customers to learn to send and receive email with GuideConnect. There are six new videos in total, which include topics such as how to setup an email account, how to send an email, how to delete an email, how to create email folders and more. Please note: These new videos are recorded in English and are available for people using GuideConnect in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. 
  • FIX: Websites. GuideConnect 1.20 includes an update to the back-end technology of the web browser. This means customers can benefit from the latest security and performance improvements when browsing favourite websites. 
  • FIX: Websites. The component used to play videos in the web browser has been updated. This means that customers updating to GuideConnect 1,20 will be able to watch films and television shows from websites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hoopla and more. 

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