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New in GuideConnect 1.26


GuideConnect 1.26 includes a new option to search the Settings list, which makes it easier for people using GuideConnect to find the settings would like to use. The 1.26 update also includes a range of further improvements for documents, emails and lots more.

NEW: Search the Settings list

A new search field has been added to the Settings menu in GuideConnect 1.26. This makes it a lot easier for people using GuideConnect to find the settings they are looking for, and also enables users to change any of the settings from the main settings screen without needing to enter any sub-menus.

When opening the Settings menu, the search field is added at the top of the settings list. Simply start typing (or dictate) a search term into the search field and GuideConnect will list any settings which are relevant as you type. For example, type ‘Voice’ for a list of all of the options related to voice settings.


NEW: Print Preview available in Documents

A new option for ‘Print preview’ has been added to the Print menu. This option enables people using GuideConnect to view their document exactly how it will be printed before deciding whether to print it.

In Print Preview, users can also zoom in and out using the F11 and F12 keys, and choose to print the document using the Actions menu.

Additional fixes and improvements

The GuideConnect 1.26 update also includes a host of additional improvements and fixes.


  • NEW: Books and News
    The Swiss library eKiosk SBV is now available in the Swiss language version of GuideConnect.
  • NEW: Email settings
    A new option has been added to the Email settings for ‘Auto read HTML email’. This option controls whether the voice automatically reads a HTML email after it is opened or not.
  • NEW: Notifications
    New notifications have been added to inform the user when the device’s battery is running low. A notification is now displayed when the battery is at 10% and 5% as well as when it is at 20%. 
  • NEW: Notification settings
    A new option has been added to the settings menu for settings related to notifications. This includes the option to change whether notifications are announced by the voice, plus a new option for ‘Show notifications’. This option is set to ON by default. When set to OFF, notifications for new emails, event reminders, battery status and more will not be displayed in the title bar.
  • NEW: Languages
    A Swiss language version of GuideConnect is now available
  • A Polish language version of GuideConnect is now available. 
  • NEW: Voice input settings
    A new setting has been added to the ‘Voice input settings’ menu to turn automatic punctuation ON and OFF. Note: This setting is only available for customers that have an active Premium Plan.
  • NEW: Training. After a video from the ‘Training videos’ list finishes, a new option is displayed on the screen to play the next training video. 
  • NEW: Websites
    The web browser is now able to open links which are designed to open in a new browser tab or a new browser Window.



  • FIX: Address book
    A warning message will now appear if you attempt to delete all text from the key fields 'first name', 'surname' and 'company name' a contact. Text must be present in at lease one of these key fields to ensure the contact listing is valid. Previously, the contact would be removed when all key fields were blank.
  • FIX: Appearance settings
    The option to turn the ‘Reader highlight’ ON and OFF has now been moved from ‘Books and news settings’ to the ‘Appearance settings’ menu. This setting now also controls whether the highlight is shown after pressing F5 to start a continuous read in a document or email as well as when reading a book. 
  • FIX: Calculator
    The calculator now recognizes either a comma or a full stop as a decimal point.
  • FIX: Cameras
    A more informative message is announced when attempting to choosing a camera to use with GuideConnect but no cameras are attached to the device.
  • FIX: Documents
    Documents that have been saved are now available to view in the ‘Recent documents’ list without requiring GuideConnect to be restarted first.
  • FIX: Documents
    If the ‘Print to PDF’ option is selected when printing a document, GuideConnect now correctly opens File Explorer (not the Windows Save As dialog) to choose a location to save the PDF to. 
  • FIX: Email
    Files which contain non-English characters in the file name are now displayed in the attachments list. 
  • FIX: Email
    When viewing an email in text view and selecting ‘Links’ from the Actions menu, the links from the current email (and not a previous email) are displayed as expected.
  • FIX: Email
    The option to ‘Reply all’ now correctly replies to everyone added to the ‘To’ and ‘Cc’ fields of an email. This issue only occurs when a POP email account is being used.
  • FIX: Email settings
    Users can now open the settings menu as expected after pressing SHIFT + ESCAPE when viewing email settings or setting up a new email account.
  • FIX: Exit GuideConnect
    The option to exit GuideConnect has been changed to ‘Return to Windows’. This makes it easier for people using GuideConnect to identify which option from the Exit menu will shut down the device, and which option will close GuideConnect and return to the Windows desktop.
  • FIX: Media player
    If the F4 key is pressed when the music, podcasts or radio player is open, the voice now correctly announces the track, episode or radio station that is loaded in the player.
  • FIX: Music
    Fix to ensure music tracks can be played from an external drive as expected.
  • FIX: News feeds
    The icon used for the option to add a custom news feed has been updated.
  • FIX: Podcasts
    The option to ‘Delete’ a podcast episode from the ‘Downloaded podcasts’ list now correctly deletes podcasts that are currently being downloaded.
  • FIX: Podcasts
    When a podcast is being played, a graphic of the music player is now displayed on the screen instead of the cassette player.
  • FIX: Speech and audio setting
    The voice no longer nnounces the 2<" sign when the setting for "Announce punctuation when typing" is set to OFF.
  • FIX: Speech and audio settings. The ‘Test microphone volume’ in the speech and audio settings now works as expected.
  • FIX: Translations. The voice now announces actions in documents, such as ‘new line’, ‘end of document’, ‘start of line’ and more in the correct language.
  • FIX: Video. The progress slider now correctly moves forward or backward after the ‘Next’ or ‘Previous’ buttons are selected when a video is paused.
  • FIX: Voice input. Fix to ensure the voice input feature remains available after using voice input in the web browser but not speaking any text.
  • FIX: Websites: Microsoft introduced a change to a component that is used in the GuideConnect web browser. This resulted in customers not being able to read web pages or HTML emails. This issue has now been resolved, so people using GuideConnect can explore and read web pages and emails as expected.

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