Languages supported: Belgian Dutch, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (Australia), English (United Kingdom), English (United States), Italian, Norwegian, Swedish

  • New Dolphin Remote with voice input! Press and hold the voice input button and speak into the new Dolphin Remote! The new voice input feature supports writing documents, emails or searching the web. Watch the short video to see the new Dolphin Remote in action with GuideConnect.
  • Pause and return to listening to your radio stations and podcasts from anywhere in GuideConnect. Press F3 to open the ‘help and information’ menu and select ‘pause’.
  • New ‘My saved attachments’ has been added to GuideConnect’s email menu, making it a much simpler to find the attachments you have previously saved.
  • Play videos on more websites, including Facebook.
  • Organise your address book with new options to sort by first name, last name or the date you added contacts.
  • The spelling error notification sound is now clearer, so it is easier to tell when you’ve made a typo.
  • A new yellow-on-black colour theme has been added.

Also new for GuideConnect Users

Bug fixes for those with a technical interest

Also New for GuideConnect Users …

General improvements

  • It is now easy to hide GuideConnect’s on-screen keyboard. Simply select the new ‘close on screen keyboard’ button. To re-open the on-screen keyboard press ‘OK’ on the Dolphin Remote or touch the screen.
  • For British users, GuideConnect’s voice now says “dot” when typing a full stop instead of “period”.
  • New ‘advanced setting’ to save documents and pictures in a separate GuideConnect folder means all your files are saved to one location.
  • GuideConnect now remembers your position in lists. When you return to a list, the highlight will now be on the item you previously opened.


  • When setting up your email, GuideConnect now only downloads the last 30 days of messages, making the process of signing into an email account much quicker.
  • GuideConnect now remembers your position in your email inbox. When you return to the inbox, the highlight will now be on the email you previously opened and not at the top of the list.
  • If you are an original Dolphin Guide user, you can now choose to import your email settings directly into GuideConnect.
  • Customers with a Yahoo email account are now able to sign into their account using GuideConnect.
  • When writing an email, you can now add an attachment from a USB device as well as from your computer.
  • When viewing a list of emails, you can now use the shortcut ‘CTRL + A’ to select all emails on the current page. This makes it quicker and easier to complete tasks such as clearing your junk mail.
  • The symbol for next page in an email list has been changed to “>” and the symbol for previous page has been changed to “<”


  • New ‘My downloaded files’ has been added to GuideConnect’s websites menu, making it a much simpler to find files you have previously downloaded.
  • Use your connected microphone and camera on websites that support video calling.


  • Import documents, photos and other files from a USB device.

Address Book

  • Phone numbers in the address book are now read a digit at a time (instead of as one long number)

Bug Fixes for those with a Technical Interest

General Fixes:

  • GuideConnect now uses a traditional progress bar instead of the previous ‘loading’ graphic which some users reported as disorienting.
  • When using a tablet or mini PC, the restart option in the exit menu now works correctly.
  • Crashes reported on Microsoft Surface tablets are now fixed.

Email Fixes:

  • After saving a draft email, GuideConnect now returns you to the email menu and not the draft messages.
  • Checking for new mail no longer causes emails marked as ‘read’ to become ‘unread’.
  • Deleted emails are no longer returning to the inbox after GuideConnect checks for new mail.
  • Users in the Netherlands are now able to set up a KPN email account with GuideConnect and send emails as expected.
  • Selecting multiple emails and moving them to another folder now behaves as expected.

Fixes for Websites:

  • When you land on a heading on a web page, GuideConnect’s voice now announces the heading text before announcing the heading level.
  • Videos on BBC iPlayer now play correctly.
  • Bold text on web pages is now announced correctly.
  • Selecting a post link on Facebook no longer opens a new window.
  • Videos on the Swedish website now play correctly.
  • On “zero width space” is no longer announced before items.
  • You are now able to read The Guardian website successfully using the keyboard.
  • Viewing Google Maps and opening the Actions menu no longer crashes GuideConnect.

Document Fixes:

  • When exiting a document and saving changes, the changes are saved as expected.
  • When reading word-by-word, using CTRL + RIGHT ARROW, no longer causes any words before punctuation to be announced twice.
  • Saved text files are no longer include additional random characters.

Address Book Fixes:

  • After viewing a contact’s telephone number in the address book, the voice announcements continue as expected. Previously users may have heard spurious voice announcements.
  • After reading a telephone number, the numbers in GuideConnect’s menus may have been mispronounced. This is now resolved.  

Scanning Fixes:

  • When scanning for text, if none is found, GuideConnect now returns to the scanner menu.
  • The colour changer in the image view now works as expected, irrespective of which colour theme is being used in GuideConnect’s menus.
  • After taking a picture and saving it, you can now exit the picture as expected.
  • The correct help opens if you enter the scanning menu using the Dolphin Keyboard shortcut and then open help.
  • Opening a folder containing lots of large images no longer crashes GuideConnect.
  • Attempting to open a very large image no longer crashes GuideConnect.
  • Overwriting an existing image no longer causes you to become stuck in the image.
  • The IPEVO Ziggi camera now works as expected on machines running Norwegian Windows.

Book Fixes:

  • Deleting a book from a USB device will now remove it as expected.

Translation and Localisation Fixes:

  • Bold text containing non-English characters are now announced correctly in the Help.
  • After switching to a different language and restarting GuideConnect, the “Loading, please wait” messages are now announced in the newly chosen language.
  • Belgium: A new Belgian Letter Address setting is now available.
  • Czech: The Czech shortcut for typing an “@” symbol no longer causes text from the clipboard to be pasted.
  • Czech: Czech characters are now displayed correctly in the Help.
  • Czech: Czech is now listed correctly in the display language settings.
  • German: The correct flag has been added for the German Address setting.
  • Swedish: The correct shortcut key list is now displayed in the Training menu.


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